Marriage improves health!

Marriage improves health!


The concept about marriage may differ from individual to individual. It was always believed that getting married leads to a healthy and happy life.

But, the recent studies indicate the negative effects of getting married on health. Marriage does not always act as a protection. For some people, it is a lottery and for others, it is more than an unpleasant experience.

Let's take a look at whether marriage is good for health or not.

Yes – Marriage reduces stress and gives longevity.

Longevity – Many studies have shown that married couples live longer than their unmarried counterparts. Studies have also pointed out a strong relation between marriage and longevity.

Less risk – Married people enjoy a healthier life and they are less prone to risks such as diabetes, heart attacks etc. Married people are more likely to recognize symptoms and avoid the disease. Marriage helps to improve the physical health of the men.

Mental health – Marriage may effect many aspects of mental health. Marriage helps to reduce depressive symptoms for both men and women. A good mental health reduces the rate of number of divorces.

Effect on health behavior – Wives often tend to discourage smoking and drinking habits of men. It also helps to improve their family diet. Less alcohol consumption leads to a healthier life.

Emotional Anchor - The spouse offer works as the emtotional anchor and the one whom you can turn to in times of distress and happiness. Stress shared is stress reduced!

No – Marriage makes you fat!

BMI – An new study indicates that an average married person has a larger BMI than an average single person. According to World Health Organization, a healthy BMI is between 18.5 to 25. The BMI of an average single man is recorded as 25.7 whereas that of a married man is 26.3. The average single women had a BMI of 25.1 whereas that of a married women is 25.6.

Makes you fat – Marriage is often known for spoiling the figure of the women. They are likely to purchase more of processed foods. They pay less attention to dietary fat and body weight.

High risk – Married people tend to exercise less than their single counterparts. One of the studies reveals that married men are less involved in sports than the singles. Thus, become much more lazy than the singles who always get involved in some sports activities. To stay fit, the body must go through certain physical activities.


Marriage helps to improve certain health outcomes. People who are on the verge of a divorce experience a bad health due to the stress.

It is true that both men and women gain a high BMI after marriage. But they should also adopt certain physical activities such as getting involved in sports, exercise etc to maintain a good health.
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  • RE: Marriage improves health! -Roshan (07/06/15)
  • u have heared so many times that behind every succesful person always stands woman. it is not necessarily that she will be his wife she may be his mother or other one,happiness in part depend on the economy condition of them and also their strength of handling the bad part of the time and how they tackle the problem. they will be happy if try to change according to each other and emotionally attached.
  • RE: Marriage improves health! -The Gamechanger (07/05/15)
  • A balanced social professional and personal life is what makes a complete happy successful life !!! Marriage is an integral part for successes personal life. It maintains the balance of human mind. Single people are often found to be depressed stressed and unsatisfied. Being married gives a sense of completeness and satisfaction. It satisfies the emotional physical needs of the people.
  • RE: Marriage improves health! -vivek ln tiwari (07/01/15)
  • after a certain period of life marriage is much important.It stablises the life of indivisuals.It gives a proper aim of aim to live with sincerity and happiness.There is someone with whom you can share your stress and happiness.This is most important in life.Spouce coverts all the bad habits of counterparts into good 1
    yeah its true that bmi ratio increases but we cant blame marriage for this.Proper exercise and sports activities should be adopted to get rid of this
    overall marriage is a blessing but some fools cant handle it carefully and get divorced
  • RE: Marriage improves health! -Mayank vashistha (07/01/15)
  • Yes it is right marriage improves health. When married will be held men comes in routine life he know very well his responsibilities. He wake up early morning and do work on his time
  • RE: Marriage improves health! -Deepa Kaushik (07/01/15)
  • Marriage is a part of life, an event or a turning point in the life of the individual. This has no specific guidelines or laid up regulations to call it a preserver of health. Health can get affected by marriage, but marriage does not necessarily promote health.

    Health of an individual is not directly proportional to marriage, but to the happiness associated with the married life. When an individual is happy from within, he gets immune to many afflicting disease condition. Or, in other words, happiness increases the flow of blood which increases the resistance power against the disease causing agents.

    But, we need to understand that marriage does not necessarily yield happiness to the couples. It might also be a negative change in the individual's life. Very obviously, a failed marriage or an unhappy settlement can never promote health. A bad marriage often leads to depression which becomes the most probable cause of other diseases. So, such a marriage just demotivates health.

    Precisely, marriage is the ceremony that alters the emotions within the individual which in turn has its effect on health of the individual. Anyhow, we cannot confirm the change to be positive or negative