Maveric Campus Placement - Procedure and Information

Maveric Campus Placement - Procedure and Information

Maveric Systems, India’s leading software testing company with a strong and dedicated focus across banking, financial services, insurance and health care. Being vertically aligned, Maveric has established its registered dominion frameworks that help in plummeting design times and safeguard suitable test coverage. Maveric has its presence felt across India and has its presence in U.S, U.K as well as the Middle East.

It has been observed that the campus placement procedure at Maveric consists of a written test and writing skills test, Group Discussion, technical HR round and lastly the HR Round.

The written test round consists of 31 sections divided into 4 sections. The first section consists of 10 questions based on aptitude section including questions on topics like time, work, and profit and loss.

The second section also consists of 10 questions and the topics are verbal and non - verbal reasoning for example relation between the A and B options.

The third sections also have a set of 10 questions and the questions are based on General Knowledge and current affair and English Synonyms.

The 4th Section is that of writing skills test, wherein you are given a topic and you need to write your thoughts out relating to the topic. For example essay topics like “If you would have been the PM of India, what will be your measure to improve the country’s status.”

The second round is that of Group discussion. You will be given some topics which are the talk of the town and you will have to discuss your thoughts out with the fellow candidates. To clear this level you need to keep a positive approach and do not deny anybody’s thought process and your communication skills should be upto the mark for you to successfully clear this round.

The third round is that of HR Technical Round. In this round the HR discusses mainly the attributes mentioned in your CV. The curriculum projects that you have taken up in your college are being discussed. Stress on the extra points that you can do other than those mentioned in your CV and of your curriculum. The HR judges your attitude, communication skills. Be thorough with the project that you did in your final year and the ability to explain them and clear their doubts successfully will be an added advantage in leading you to the next round.

The last round is that of a General HR round. In this the questions will be again very general and restricted to your CV. Salary expectations may be asked. If you have successfully cleared this round you will be shortlisted and placed in Maveric. All the best!!
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