MBA by engineers - A wastage of resources?

MBA by engineers – A wastage of resources?


Today, the concept of pursing an MBA degree after completing the engineering course has become a common trend among the Indian students. Students who have pursued a degree in Computer Engineering, Non IT specializations and who are already in business oriented roles are the ones who usually take up an MBA degree after BE.

The main reasons to earn a management degree are – to enter into a new field, increase the networking and to learn and apply new skills to grow in the career. It depends on the personal and the professional goals of an individual to choose his career path.

Let's take a look at whether MBA by engineers is a wastage of resources when they already possess one professional degree. Can these seats be better utitilised by some general graduates struggling to do better in life?

Yes – MBA by engineers has become a wastage of resources due to:

- Wastage of technical knowledge – MBA has nothing to do with engineering as both are two different fields. The technical knowledge acquired during the engineering course is not applicable in the management field. Pursuing MBA after engineering is a total wastage of technical knowledge.

- Misplacement in respect of job - An engineer should join Toyota or L & T rather than Accenture or Cognizant aspiring to be im management. The wastage of technical knowledge by an engineer can lead to his misplacement of job.

- Money making – Any job acquired after the completion of studies from a reputed university can land you up in a good job. It is a false myth that only MBA candidates earn more money than engineers. Engineering graduates can earn much more than MBA students only if they are dedicated and hardworking.

Listening to parents – The background cases of engineering and MBA students are almost similar. After the completion of engineering, students take up MBA unnecessarily, just because their parents want them to do so. It is a huge wastage of financial resources on part of the candidate.

-Loose the interest half – way – Most of the students take up engineering on a high spirit but later, tend to loose it mid way. Their mind shifts or focuses to another career. This shift, sometimes, may be a huge loss for the student in the terms of the time and dedication that his engineering degree deserves.

No – MBA by engineers is not a wastage of resources :

- Adds more career value – Having two degrees at a time is a great career option for a student. Pursuing MBA after engineering, will lead a student to access more opportunities. He can enter the field of management or engineering without any difficulties.

-Multitasking employees – Management has become an important part of an engineer's profession. An employee with an engineering and management degree can handle both the technical and management responsibilities of a company.

- Social Issues – Today most of the brides – to be, desire to marry an MBA professional. The Indian society has adopted the myth that MBA professionals gain more money than the engineers.

- Improves the personality – For the overall development of an individual's personality, both technical and managerial skills are required. The management skill teaches a person how to interact with his colleagues and maintain a good working environment.

- Better Understanding – As the engineers have a good analytical skill and technical knowledge, they can have a better understanding about the problems of a management.


India is producing thousands of engineers every year. The engineers should make use of the opportunities that are available to them rather than going behind an MBA degree.

After completing engineering, management may or may not be the best option for the students. While taking a final decision, they should carefully consider the positive and negative effects of pursing a different stream.
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  • RE: MBA by engineers – A wastage of resources? -Soumen Maity (06/12/15)
  • Hello Everyone,
    According to me MBA by engineers is not a wastage of resources. Engineers posses technical skills, that skill require analytical and problem solving skills to check that how fast he can be trainable, In case of MBA students the posses the skills of management that also requires problem solving skills. So if an engineer wants to do MBA then what is the problem? Its not that he is loosing his technical skill.

    Some people think that it is a waste because these are two different fields, but if an engineer wants to know management then I don't think there is so much problem, rather it helps them to open new opportunities.
  • RE: MBA by engineers – A wastage of resources? -Deepa Kaushik (06/10/15)
  • MBA is a totally different field for the engineers. But, people need to survive and earn their living inb this competitive world. People are ready to do anything to earn their bread and butter, and engineers pursuing MBA is one good example for that.

    All we need is employment to take care of our family. If engineers get employed for their education, then why would they even try to go for the MBA which is totally out of their business. Employment has become a deep concern. We do have talent in India, but we lack the employmentr opportunities. And everyone is not wealthy enough to make-up for a job abroad. Again we should admire the engineers ability to pursue MBA without having any knowledge in that field.

    Yet, when we talk of resources, yes it is definitely abwastage of resource. Or, we can also call it a business for those in the educational sector, who make money by spending the resorces in such ewasteful manner. An engineer spending penny for his MBA is the revenue for the Institute. If the educational institutes are so much considerate for the reesouces, they should have ideally cancelled the option of MBA to any person from unrelated educational background.

    It is not the engineers to be blamed, but the Government for their inability to provide appropriate educational opportunities and the education department for allowing the provate institutes to earn by such means with wastage of the available resources.
  • RE: MBA by engineers – A wastage of resources? -abc (06/03/15)
  • Yes, engineers pursuing MBA is a total waste of resource. In MNC there is no role of employee as both engineer and manger.He/she has to opt any one of them.

    Well, if the person wants to become a manager,why to waste 6years ( 2 yrs of board + 4yrs of
    engg.) of life doing what you don't like or what is needed for your career , He can go in commerce stream and enjoy during college. And then pursue MBA after Bcom. or BBA. Also, maths of science stream which is used in engg colleges is completely different from that of commerce stream maths whose knowledge is needed further in MBA. Yhis way he/she will be a better manager.
  • RE: MBA by engineers – A wastage of resources? -rahul singh (06/03/15)
  • No, mba is necessary for engineers
  • RE: MBA by engineers – A wastage of resources? -PRIYA JOSHI (06/02/15)
  • Good afternoon everyone,

    According to me there is no harm in doing MBA after engineering. Each and every one has there own perspective of seeing life. Having Technical knowledge is not enough to have healthy lifestyle. The most important thing is MANAGING because may be you are earning alot after being an engineer, but it is of utmost importance how you are managing your money. MBA gives you managerial skills, and gives you the power to think in broad sense i.e., it provides you skills to effectively manage your staff, MBA provides you knowledge of investing in stock market, it provides you skills to increase your assets, and many more.

    Infact if an engineer do MBA after B.Tech, he has not broaden his knowledge database in other field but he has polished his personality as such that he can work both as technical person as well as a good manager.

    There will be wastage of resources if you are switching to IT work after doing engineering in some other field. Many people switch over to IT companies after taking degree of electronics or instrumentation, which shows wastage of their degree. Apart from this doing MBA after B.Tech add up utmost important skill in your personality as any low earning person can achieve heights if he has good managerial skills.