McAfee - Technical Placement Paper Questions

McAfee - Technical Placement Paper Questions

1. If you are creating a shopping Portal, prepare all the test strategies from start to end. Tell the type of tests to be carried out and why?

2. 4. ’_ _ _ ’ matches any string of ______ three characters. ’_ _ _ %’ matches any string of at ______ three characters.
a) Atleast, Exactly
b) Exactly, Atleast
c) Atleast, All
d) All , Exactly

3. In SQL if you want to remove the spaces at the end of the string, use _______ function .
a) Upper
b) String
c) Trim
d) Lower

4. _____ operator is used for appending two strings.
a) &
b) %
c) ||
d) _

5. Tell the statement containing an error:
A) Select * from emp where empid = 10003;
B) Select empid from emp where empid = 10006;
C) Select empid from emp;
D) Select empid where empid = 1009 and lastname = ‘GELLER’;

6. Insert into employee _____ (1002,Joey,2000);
a) Table
b) Values
c) Relation
d) Field
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7. Which of the following is not a .NET compatible language?
A.C#, J#
C. Managed C++
D. Java

8. Common language specification (CLS)
A. is an execution engine platform for .NET applications.
B. is similar to JVM as in Java.
C. defines standard rules of .NET compliant languages.
D. is a compiler.

9. Common Type Structure (CTS)
A. defines data types in same order to be run by CLR.
B. defines a set of rules in respect for all compilers for generating managed code for .NET.
C. describes a set of features found common in different languages
D. All of the above.
E. None of the above.

10. Which of the following statement is not correct?
A.CLR is an execution engine of .NET.
B. Assembly is a logical unit of deployment.
C.CLR executes managed code.
D. .NET provides cross language interoperability using code access security.
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