Measures to Improve Indian IP Ecosystem: Overview

Measures to Improve Indian IP Ecosystem: Overview

Question: Many measures have been taken to ensure improvement of the IP ecosystem in India. Discuss.

DIPP has formed a multifaceted strategy to develop a strong IP regime in the nation which rewards innovation and creativity

Numerous initiatives have been taken to improve the Indian IP ecosystem which are as follows.

- Modernisation of administration has played a role in the creation of an e-enabled, efficient and accessible IP ecosystem which provides legal certainty to the industry

- An extra 1033 plan posts have been created including 666 posts for patents and designs and 367 posts for trademarks and GI at numerous levels

- Patent and trademark examiners are also being contracted to handle the backlog.

- IP system has embarked on an e-journey to ensure complete electronic processing of patents and trademark applications through specialised module

- Single central server at IPO Delhi has also been established

- Comprehensive e-filing facilities for patent and trademark application was introduced in 2013-2015 which ensure 24/7applicability and ease of filing online applications

- IPO allows e-filers the facility of using internet banking, debit and credit cards

- For encouraging online application filing, a 10% rebate on online filing has been introduced

- Transparency in the dissemination of information pertaining to patents, trademarks , designs and geographical indications were also emphasised

- Real time status of IP applications with entire file wrappers and e-registers is also open to the public

- Fee concessions for MSME were also provided to the tune of 50%

- Operationalisation of the Madrid protocol for international protection of trademarks provides users the facility for protecting trademark in 90 countries through a single application filing in one language with one set of fees

- India has also been recognised by the World Intellectual Property Organisation at the 17th International Search Authority and International Preliminary Examining Authority

- Awareness creation through seminars, conferences and workshops was also initiated; IP training and outreach activities were also conducted

Facts and Stats

- India has 4 patent offices and 5 trademark offices

- e-Filers were given facility of using debit and credit card as well as internet banking in over 70 banks for making payment of fees for all forms

- Online filing has jumped from 30 to 80 percent in just under a year

- MSMEs account for 45% of total industrial production and total contribution of MSMEs to India’s GDP is 38%

- Till June 2015, 13,666 international applications designating India have been obtained at the Trademarks Registry, India

- The India IP office began operations in 2014 and since then, 758 international applications have been received and 575 reports issued.
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