Measures to Promote Tourism through Yoga & Medicine: Steps & Schemes

Measures to Promote Tourism through Yoga & Medicine: Steps & Schemes

Question: Good governance involves steps and schemes to promote labour intensive sectors of the Indian economy such as tourism. Discuss in light of promotional activities to promote India as a yoga and medical centre


- Development of tourism and its promotion is the responsibility of State Governments/UTs

- Ministry of tourism has taken several steps to promote tourism in domestic and international markets on the International Day of Yoga

- A brochure entitled India Land of Yoga was published

- Outdoor branding with creative yoga in major metros and tourism centres was undertaken

- Standees and posters with Yoga creatives was produced by India tourism domestic and overseas offices and displayed in public settings

- Ads were released in major international publications by Indian tourism office overseas featuring yoga creatives

Medical Tourism

- Ministry of Tourism promoted wellness and medical tourism through the Incredible India brand line

- It also conducted road shows and seminars

- It participated in major global tourism fairs and exhibitions

- Tourism Ministry also released brochures, CDs and ads for promotion of medical and health tourism

- GoI introduced medical visa to facilitate international patients coming to India for medical treatment

Facts and Stats

Foreign tourists in India for medical health care in the following years equalled:

- 2009: 113689
- 2010: 155944
- 2011: 138803
- 2012: 171021
- 2013: 236898
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