MECON - Technical Placement Paper

MECON - Technical Placement Paper

1. When is Herring bone gears used?

A) Axial thrust is transmitted
B) Radial thrust is transmitted
C) Torque is transmitted.
D) None of the above

2. In the dwell period of a cam the:

A) Cam does not rotate
B) Displacement of the follower is zero
C) Velocity of the follower is maximum
D) Acceleration of the follower is maximum
E) Cam becomes immobile

3. A simply supported reinforced physical T-Beam Bridge is held for spans up to

A) 5 m
B) 15 m
C) 50 m
D) 25 m

4. A structure is called elastic when:

A) Stress is proportional to strain
B) Strain disappears when the loads are removed
C) Strain is very large
D) None of the above

5. On increasing the gap length of an induction motor, its

A) Power factor decreases
B) Speed decreases
C) Noise decreases
D) Magnetizing current decreases
E) Nothing happens

6. A 100 MVA transformer is cooled with

A) Air
B) Oil forced air blast
C) Oil forced circulation
D) Oil natural circulation
E) None of the above

7. _________exhibits the negative resistance character

A) Diode
B) Triode
C) Tetrode
D) Pentode
E) Thyratron

8. _________ is utilized for minimizing secondary emission in pentodes

A) Control grid
B) Anode
C) Cathode
D) Suppressor
E) Screen grid

9. Pyridine bases are used to manufacture:

A) Drugs
B) Explosives
C) Fertilizers
D) Paints
E) Insecticides

10. Quick lime and Carbon are used to prepare Calcium at

A) 10000C
B) 5000C
C) 15000C
D) 20000C
E) 30000C

11. The process of magnaflux is used to detect cracks in

A) Brasses
B) Aluminium Alloy
C) Common Steel
D) Austenitic Steel
E) None of the above

12. Malleabilizing process lasts for:

A) One hour
B) Ten hours
C) Fifty hours
D) Hundred and Fifty Hours
E) Thousand Hours

13. Material used for fettling open-hearth furnaces:

A) Zirconium oxide
B) Magnesite
C) Chrome ore
D) Iron ore
E) Lime

14. Crushers used in Iron ore Mines

A) Jaw Crushers
B) Cone Crushers
C) Hammer Crushers
D) None of these

15. In ferrous metallurgy_______ is responsible for the quality of limeston.

A) CaO content
B) MgO content
C) Free lime availability
D) Silica content

16. A Ton of Refrigeration is equivalent to

A) 16000Btu/hr
B) 212 Btu/hr
C) 10000 Btu/hr
D) 12000 Btu/hr

17.. ________ wrote “Ten Books on Architecture”

A) Aristotle
B) Vitruvius
C) Charles Lamb
D) Le Corbusier

18. Which is the positive biaxial mineral crystal?

A) Epi diorite
B) Aragonite
C) Muscovite
D) Barite
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