Medium Frequency (MF) band channel allocation

When AM signal is of 25KHz, calculate the number of channels required in Medium Frequency (MF) band of 300KHz-3000KHz.

a.) 94
b.) 69
c.) 85
d.) 54

Correct Answer: d) 54


Medium Frequency (MF) is the band of frequencies from 300 KHz to 3MHz. The lower portion of the MF band (300to 500 kilohertz) is used for ground-wave transmission for reasonably long distances. The upper and lower ends of the mf band are used for naval purpose.

Frequency available in MF band= 3000-300 = 2700 KHz

The bandwidth required by 25 KHz signal = 2* 25= 50 KHz

Therefore the number of channels available = 2700/ 50 = 54
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