Message Action Plan & Importance of crisis communication

Message Action Plan & Importance of crisis communication

How is crisis communication important for an organization?

- Communication takes the center stage from the viewpoint of stakeholders.

- Everyone including the employees, stakeholders, financial institutions and the media should be informed about the truth.

- Communication helps in sharing the views and opinions of people.

- It helps in carrying out rescue plans successfully.

- Proper communication during the period of crisis is necessary to gain public support.

How would you handle your organization during a crisis caused by external factors?

In such cases media can be your best partner. Use all the media sources effectively in order to bring out the truth. Media can be used to manage the ill representation of the organization. In case the crisis is caused due to another organization, the best way is to challenge your contender in court.

What do you understand by Message Action Plan in the context of corporate communication?

A message action plan includes the message of the public, time, schedule and the communication techniques.

The communication techniques include the decisions about various channels (media, regulatory bodies, etc.).

Allowing provisions for measuring, feedback and budgeting should also be an important part of message action plan.
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