MGNREGS: Objectives and Features

MGNREGS: Objectives and Features

Question : The issue of farmers in distress has gained nationwide attention in recent times. MGNREGS could be the right way out for helping farmers during the time of need. Discuss the objectives and features of this scheme.

• Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme/MGNREGS could be just what distressed farm workers need

• World Bank’s India Development Update has seconded empirical research that MGNREGS could be a substitute for crop and weather insurance to poor farmer households

• MGNREGS could be better than a cash transfer programme


MGNREG aims for:

• Expanding earning sources

• Strengthening pure natural resources under control

• Empowering grassroots democracy

• Ensuring visibility and responsibility in government

• Increasing decentralisation and deepening democracy through PRIs.


• Participants of the MGNREGS sign up through the Gram Panchayat

• They are provided Job Cards to ascertain the kind of work mature members of the family will fulfil

• Job Card possesses itemised career programme for grams

• Local gram panchayat organisation should reveal the time for which work is desired; minimum is 15

• Employment must be given for atleast 15 times of programme for performance by career hunter

• One third of the individuals to whom jobs are given must be women

• Wages are as per stipulation of the Minimum Wages Act 1948 for farming labourers unless Centre states salary should not be less than INR 60 per day

• Income disbursement is done on a weekly basis and not extending beyond a couple of weeks

• Local PRIs/Panchayati Raj Institutions will play a major role in allocation of work

Facts and Stats

• Fields in which beneficiaries of MGNREGS can work include

- Main Water Conservation
- Drought Prevention (including Farmville farm and forestations)
- Flood Protection
- Land Development
- Minor Watering, farming

• Work should be offered within 5 km distance of town or 10% more income is due

• Work features such as creches, water, shelter etc have to be offered

• Social review is done by local Gram Sabha

• There is also a grievance redressal mechanism in place for effective execution of the scheme
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