MindTree Campus Placement - Procedure and Information

MindTree Campus Placement - Procedure and Information

MindTree is an IT company and headquartered in USA and Bangalore in India. Due to the global presence of the company, they are in constant requirement of employees and hence conduct campus placements to offer the employees with various job opportunities. The interview process is a bit stringent and consists of layers for the selection process.

The selection process carried out in the past few years consists of 4 steps, where in the candidates begin with a written test consisting of questions including sections like aptitude and reasoning, technical and C programing wherein the C programing section consists of writing the codes and flowcharts of the C language, and lastly the essay writing skills of the candidate are judged. Once the initial round is over, candidates are shortlisted for the technical round of interview. In this round, mostly they run over a PPT and ask questions based on the PPT.

The technical round again consists of questions on C language, its coding in more details and the difficulty level of the questions increase at this stage; other technical questions include topics like micro-controller, operating systems, and questions relating to digital electronics.

The last round then is of the HR round, provided you cross the first 2 rounds satisfactorily. The HR round usually consists of questions based on the personal attributes of the individual, for example strengths and weaknesses, internships, family background, preferences of the individual. Once you cross this round as well, and then come the last stage of salary negotiations. If you go with a positive and confident outlook, no barriers can stop your selection. Since they are conducting campus placements, they are aware that you do not have any prior work experience and hence everything is dependent upon your attitude.

As per the experiences of the candidates, the main stress in MindTree interview process is on the C language. You need to brush up thoroughly on your concepts of C language and other digital electronics platforms. The other aspect of such tests are usually based on speed, hence you should be quick in answering the questions which can be passed if you use your general knowledge. When you appear for any interview, it is necessary for the interviewer to feel that you are keen in joining the company.
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