MindTree verbal ability questions and answers

Hi Guys,

I heard the name of MindTree only when it visited our college campus for placements but later I got to know that its a very good company.

The English test at Mindtree consisted of basic topics asked in any MBA exam like - finding out grammatical mistakes, synonyms and antonyms, passages etc.

Here are some questions from my paper:

a.) apologise b.) acknowledge c.) admit d.) pardon

a.) weak b.) usual c.) fruitless d.) impoverished

Find the mistake:
All of you will agree with me (1)/ that no problem faced by our (2)/ society is as grave and intractable (3)/ as this problem is. (4)/ No error(5)

We have done everything (1)/ that could be done(2)/ to avert the storm (3)/ which is now coming on (4)/ No Error (5)

Fill in the blanks
Limited resolution of early microscopes was one of the reasons of _____ understanding of cells.
1. aided 2. discredited 3. increased 4. contradicted 5. restricted

I got selected by Mindtree.
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