Mobile phone is a paralysis to youngster's minds

Mobile phone is a paralysis to youngster's minds

The present world is of Smartphone. Everything is getting digital. No one can imagine the life now without the mobile phones, laptops, internet and other latest gadgets. Technological advancement with time is considered as a boon but is it really a blessing for youngsters or a tool crippling their mind?


• People of today are living a robotic lifestyle where they spend their valuable time doing time pass on social media.

• The technology is affecting youngster’s mindsets. They are more restless than ever. It is becoming an addictive habit like alcohol and cigarette without which they start getting restless and aggressive.

• Youngsters have started living in a virtual world where they make or break relations and love in unreal emotions.

• There is no time for the youngsters to spend with family. Even if they are hanging out with friends or families they are still continuously using cell phones. Status updates have becomes more important than actually having a good time in real life.

• Mobile technology is making people impatient. They don’t have the time to wait for anything. In fact they have turned slaves to technology.


• Mobile technology has made communication much easier. It comes real handy in communicating with the relatives who live outside the city or country.

• Banking and investment tracking has become real easy with the mobile phones. They can be done even when the person is on move.

• During the shopping the youngsters can compare the products online and can check the best prices offered. Not online shopping, but all kinds of information is available on Smartphone.

• With the upcoming of many new applications it has become real easy to stay in touch with the old friends.

• One of the best advantages that mobile phone offers this day is the GPS system. It has made life quite simple for the travelers.


Smartphone have become an inseparable part of human life. They have proved helpful in many situations. But the problem of addiction is getting worse day by day. This problem might appear quite small right now but definitely it is going to have worst repercussions on the youngsters in the coming time. If the technology is used wisely it is definitely advantageous but additction of anything can be harmful.
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  • RE: Mobile phone is a paralysis to youngster's minds -bharti (09/08/19)
  • Mobile phones become the inseparable part of human life, nowadays it is difficult to imagine life without mobile phones. not only the youngsters even the elder ones are also become addicted to smart phones, their day starts with uploading a status or forwarding the good morning wishes when they are not wishing their family members personally. these days people are expressing their feelings through public posts, sometimes it is emotional, inspirational
  • RE: Mobile phone is a paralysis to youngster's minds -Group Discussion (03/09/18)
  • Mobile phones are blessing for all if they are used responsibly. Excess in anything is bad and it become worst when it is an addiction. We have to use it judiciously for our benefit, but gluing endlessly with it is just a waste of time. And in the cut throat competitive world, wasting time in an unproductive activities is the last thing. Younger minds are more sharper and enterprising, they should
    dedicate time in meaningful activities.
  • RE: Mobile phone is a paralysis to youngster's minds -Group discussion topic (02/11/18)
  • Mobile phone has become oxygen in our life, can't think of throwing away and living without it. No doubt, it has created many opportunities and made our life easier in many ways. They say that excess of anything is bad and that is what is happening. Spending too much time on phone have many side effects.
  • RE: Mobile phone is a paralysis to youngster's minds -Shruti (01/24/18)
  • This GD is about the effect of not only mobile phones, but also other gadgets that creates impacts whether good or bad on the youngster's mind.

    Now-a-days, it is seen that gadgets are given more importance than society or surrounding. Not only youngsters, but elders are also getting involved in this. No doubt, mobile phones are considered boon but only when they are used productively. Phones are one of the reason for making us lazier and we have started living a robotic lifestyle.

    It is a good that technology is getting advanced and our environment too. But, somewhere it is creating a negative impact also. Like, instead of spending much time with family members, all are busy scrolling their news feed; not only that, earlier we used to greet a person and talk for an hour or so, but now mobile phones consists of Whatsapp and many other such applicatiosn which has lessen down the connectivity. People just send one or two lines messages and all is done.

    Coming to impact on children, they area living virtual life. Let's take an example, if a group of friends hang out, first they ensure to take pictures of themselves or food and upload them as status. After that, they start greeting each other. This shows that how much they are getting addicted to mobile phones. All these are making youngsters addictced to mobile phones.

    Technology advancement has helped us in various sectors too, like education, career and jobs but we should also use it wisely.

    Lastly, take this advancement in a better way and do not get addicted to the gadgets.
  • RE: Mobile phone is a paralysis to youngster's minds -ramesh (05/24/17)
  • Yes its more then any bad habit after JIO reliance You will find most of young people always on mobile,and I know they are not talking to their parents , wife but unwanted friends .Killing the relation husband and wife also Govt should stop JIO wef.
  • RE: Mobile phone is a paralysis to youngster's minds -Deepa Kaushik (04/13/14)
  • Use of mobile phones is no more a necessity, but more of a status symbol in today’s world. More costly the phone, more is the popularity. Among youngsters, this is spreading as an epidemic. We can see even the school going kids carrying mobile phones with them.

    Such a freedom or in other words an exposure to the youngsters is proving very unhealthy. Right from their morning alarm to the good night call, we can see a teenager sticking to the phone as a glue. They even try to find the solutions of their home assignments and calculate the mathematics problems with the phone.

    These phones are used more often for playing games and calling up the known and unknown people. Long hours of wasteful talks, unwanted chatting, surfing of the social networking sites, all these are a part of their routine which hampers their food habits, physical activities, and even the sleep hours.

    Today’s generation kids, especially the teenagers could hardly think of a life without mobile phones. This idiot box hanging on their pockets, emitting radiations, causes many health concerns. The youngsters today require the mobile phone for playing songs even during the time of bath.

    With such a paralysing device, we can’t dream of a bright future for our kids. We definitely need to have some limitations imposed to the usage of this device.