Model Test Paper - Aptitude questions from previous years

Model Test Paper – Aptitude questions from previous years

The written paper generally consists of 30 Aptitude questions and 30 Technical Questions. Here are some samples including questions of previous years question papers:

1. What will be the % change in area of a rectangle whose length has been increased by 20% and breadth has been decreased by 20%?

A. Area decreases by 4%
B. Area increases by 8%
C. No change
D. None of the above.

2. Cost of manufacturing an item is x rupees given that the quantity is 1000 or less, if the quantity produced increases 1000 cost of production becomes y dollars. If a total of z items are made more than thousand that what will be the total cost of manufacturing?

Find the next/missing term in the series:

3. F2, __, D8, C16, B32

A. G4
B. E3
C. E4
D. A16



5. 183, 173, 193, 163, __, 93, 43

A. 53
B. 73
C. 93
D. 33

6. 72, 76, 73, 77, 74, __, 75

A. 71
B. 87
C. 70
D. 75

7. VI, 10, V, 11, __, 12, III

B. 14

8. Two trains travelling opposite to the direction of each other are at a distance of 110 KM from each other. If train A starts at 5 AM and train B begins at 6 AM. At what time will they intersect?

9. In a row of 5 girls, find the number of cases that Ashok and Radha never sit together.

10. In a cricket team, age of captain is 25 years. Wicket keeper is three years elder than the Captain and removing these two, the average age of rest of the team is 1 less than average age of the whole team. What is the average age of the team?

11. Anjali is as young as Bhavna and is as old as Shravan. It is given that sum of Bhavna and Shravan’s age is 60. What is Anjali’s age?

12. Pointing towards that person, that little girl told that his father is uncle of her mother. What is the relation of the person and the girl?

13. X,Y are brother and sister, C,D are married D is husband C is wife C is the father of X. D is brother of F. How does F relate to Y?

14. In a particular innings X,Y and Z in total scored 128 runs. A and B combined scored 90 and C and A combined scored 68 runs. What is the total number of runs scored by C?

15. If 6 people take 10 days to complete a work how much time will 10 people take to do the same work?

Respond to the following analogies and determine the best possible answer

16. Angle: Degree:

A. Area: Square Inch
B. Time: Minutes
C. Society: Classes
D. Milk: Quartz

17. Saw: Carpenter

A. Wagon: Farmer
B. Trowel: Bricklayer
C. Brush: Painter
D. Scissors: Tailor

18. Needle: Knit

A. Bait: Fish
B. Loom: Weave
C. Soap: Wash
D. Bed: Sleep

19. If in a particular code DISTANCE becomes IDTUBECN and DOCUMENT becomes ODDVNTNE, then THURSDAY will become?


20. If A is 10 km away from B and C is 17 km from B. Which option can be true?

A. A lies between B and C
B. B lies between A and C
C. C lies between A and B
D. Both A and B
E. A and C

21. 6 faces of a cube were coloured in 6 varying colors: Black, Brown, Red, Blue, White and Green.
Here are some conditions:
1. Black color is opposite to Red
2. Blue is neighbouring Brown
3. White is neighbouring Blue
4. Red color is at the bottom
5. Green is neighbouring Black
Which of these 4 colors are adjacent?
A. Black, Blue, Brown, White
B. Brown, Green, Red, White
C. White, Green, Red, Blue
D. Black, Brown, Blue, Green

22. The average weight of X, Y and Z is 84, if you include D the average weight now becomes 80. If you replaces A by E and E has a weight 3 kgs more than D. What will be the new average age?
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