Modern technological education and human values.

Modern technological education and human values.


Human values are the most precious for the survival. Still, in this modern cyber era, the human values have lost their essence and are getting vanished into the darkness of modernization. The human values and the modern technological education follow an inverse relationship. With the advancement in the technology, the emotions are getting washed away. The technological advancement into the field of education has brought about a drastic deterioration in humanitarian behaviours and human values.

Factors could be many,
Cause could be any,
But losing the human values for silly penny,
Is not all that funny.

Importance of human values

Human values make us think of all the abstracts required for a lively living. Any living human soul can feel the intensity and need for the emotions like love, affection, care, mercy, honesty, simplicity, understanding, helping tendency, sharing the pain and happiness, etc. These values carry immense importance and they are the basic criteria to classify humanity and differentiate them from the devilish attitude. We do remember our childhood stories of Panchtantra, Ramayana and many other ethics and epics teaching us the importance of the human values; but with the advancing civilization under the impact of globalization, we have failed to implement our childhood knowledge into our practical life.

Technological advancement in education system

Materialistic achievement

With the technological development, the education system has definitely found its way long ahead. A path that hardly any of our ancestors could have ever dreamt of. Though we had great scholars and philosophers, but they lacked the materialistic certified degree which we give most importance to tag as being educated. All that we have today is gadgets, certificates, appliances and applications, which have materialistic value. The only immaterial thing about this technological advancement is the disease that it inflicts on human beings due to lack of physical work.

The education system as per India, got evolved in somewhat a similar fashion as stated below:


The education system started with the Gurukul period, when pupils used to learn from their gurus by listening to them. This was the period when the teachers or Gurus were worshipped a step higher to God, the almighty. The pupils used to leave their home and stay at the Gurukul and grasp the teachings and preaching of human values, importance and relevance of the customs and traditions. This was an Imperial period which had human values inculcated into the educational stream.


Then, came the period of schooling. The children used to attend their schools staying at home. Under the supervision of parents, children did get some sort of emotional support, but on the negative front. This was a distraction to their concentration towards studies. This period initiated the skill of writing; with this the learning aptitude just by means of listening started to perish.

University and graduation

This was a further additive to the field of education with the advanced skills of practical learning through laboratories and introduction to the age of computers. The University education provided more independence to the children and the hold of parents started getting loosened up. This advancement paved way to over-socialization, inter-mixing of the genders under the friendly cover, westernization etc. As their consequence, the world could visualize an increase in the crime index especially in regard to the safety for women.

Multiple degrees

The post graduation and further higher studies imparted a strong sense of ego into the youngsters. This ego made them feel superior to all others. The superiority complex in turn made them lose their respect for the elders, their knowledge and skill. All they felt is their own knowledge to be superior to all others. The further loss of human values in the form of derangement to the respect was the start of collapse of the human values to its eternity.

Internet age

Now, we are living in a cyber age, with full air conditioned institutions. The soul concentration remains on the outward beauty, the physical comfort and extra-curricular activities. The least value is given to the education itself which is the reason to attend an educational institution. Internet has given a lot many teachings to the latest generation, as they can understand and grasp all the wanted and unwanted, malicious contents much prior to their age. The minds get adulterated and the present generation has all the short-cut path available for a speedy success at any and every cost. They hardly think of any loss with respect to the human values. All they feel is the importance of wealth and materialistic things consolidated throughout their life.

Ill-effects of technological advancement

- Man-made things have everything but lack the emotional touch and hence the values have vanished from the very root level.

- The generation today has ample knowledge but they lack the skill to implement the same and value the success by means of happiness and respect in the eyes of the loved ones.

- Greed of more and more, especially with respect to the wealth is what we are learning in the form of education.

- The gadgets being called the gift of science, are actually behaving like a curse for the human beings, as they just deviate our attention and take our precious time away from our loved ones.

- Everyone wants to be the topper. This has greatly created pressure on children by the parents.

- Dissatisfaction, mercilessness is all that is prevailing with the advancement of the technology.

- Values have been disoriented at the root level, which it being grown up by the education without correcting the basics.

- Man can reach the moon but can’t serve fellow humans with their emotional values

- All this has lead nothing but to the growth of violence and terrorism


Hence, we can call the modern technological education as a Devilish nature. This precious gift of modern technological education is a civilised outcome of the brutality followed in older days in the form of sati or child marriage etc. this has been evolved into modern terrorism, violence and a total malfunctioning status of law and order in the country. The various subjects of study at each level of educational system has deteriorated the human emotions and humanitarian grounds to further a level down. Thus, precisely speaking, the modern technological education need to rectify their foundation at their root level to cultivate the human values as a part of their teachings.
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