Modern technology has made the life more convenient

Modern technology has made the life more convenient

Modern technology has made the life more convenient. However, the life was better when there was less technological advancement. Do you agree? Give reasons for your stand.

It is true that modern technology has made life more convenient be it long distance communication through mobile phones and emails or be it any other electronic gadget we use in our day to day life.

However, whether life was better when there was less technological advancement is debatable. But it is true that the side effects technological revolution brings with it may sometimes make us feel the same.

Today, it is even hard to imagine what the life would be without television, computers, internet, cell phones, video games etc. But it is a fact that society is going a little out of hand in terms of technology. Playing a game on PS3 rather than with the hard structures and blocks has reduced the imagination power of children. Imagination has been replaced with graphics and fallacies.

Television and computer have become the sole sources of entertainment these days. People have forgotten that playing badminton with a real racket rather than on a computer screen is also an attainable task and much more helpful. On line shopping has taken away the fun of real shopping from one’s life. As a result, life style has become so sedentary, with the ease of everything online that health problems have increased. Child obesity is spreading like an epidemic all over the world due to over addiction of children to technology.

One’s social like has also gone for a toss. You may have five hundred friends in your Facebook list but it is hard to remember the birthday of your one “real” best friend of childhood.

If used in a balanced way, it cannot be denied that technology has become an integral part of our modern day living. It allows people to keep in touch with their distant family members through phones, emails and now webcams. Distance education, online education has been made possible. People including children are more aware of happenings around them.

Hence, it can be concluded that technology has infinite benefits. The problem arises when it becomes an addiction and starts monitoring our lives. Excess of everything is bad and so is the use of technology.
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  • RE: Modern technology has made the life more convenient -rishika jalan (04/15/14)
  • Yes, modern technology has made life much more convenient and simple for us now. I disagree that life was better when technology was not his upgraded. Our lives now are much better than it was before. And all this is due to the availability of various technological tools. With advancement of technology we are able to do so much, which we could not do earlier. Long distance communication has become like local communication. People can see each other even though they are miles apart. With internet and mobile phones, communication has crossed all barriers. With the help of technological tools, we can now create automatic reminders to pay bills, pick up something from the store, but passes for any program and other similar things. We can stay at home and pay our bills through the internet, shop online and save all the time and energy which otherwise would have been spent in travelling. Today we have so many options for our entertainment. Television, radio, video games, internet, and laptop all these were not available to us before and our life was very much limited to just a few things. Thus, undoubtedly with technology advancements our life is much more convenient now.