MoU Between India and Australia: Deepening of Bilateral Ties

MoU Between India and Australia: Deepening of Bilateral Ties

Question: Union Cabinet has recently approved MoUs between India and Australia. Discuss the deepening of bilateral ties in the educational sector between these two nations through the MoU.

Union Cabinet chaired by PM Modi has approved the signing of an MoU for cooperation in the fields of education, research and training between India and Australia

- Cost of cooperative activities under the MoU will be funded on terms which are mutually agreed and subject to funds availability

- MoU will deepen partnership between India and Australia in the fields of technical and professional higher education, school and vocational education and training

- It will also open up new areas of cooperation and innovation

- The MoU also considers the expansion of the Australia India Education Council membership on a periodic basis for ensuring the representation of industry experts, policy makers and academicians as needed and agreed

- Strengthening of policy dialogue and exchange in areas of mutual interest and quality frameworks for as well as standards for training, education and research are also a focus of the MoU

- MoU supports student and faculty mobility via formal exchange programmes and internships as well as other modalities

- It will also improve credit transfer arrangements and work in an area of qualification recognition between India and Australia

- Support for professional development programmes is also provided for subject matter experts, education administrators and faculty members as well as teachers in the field

- The MoU also focuses on encouragement of twinning relations between higher learning institutions and organisations in the area of joint research and publications

- Research collaboration is also being encouraged between higher educational institutions to expand the scope for joint research, joint degrees and joint PhDs

- Best practice education materials are also being shared including research materials, publication as well as literature pertaining to education

- The MoU also supports skill development through seminars, policy dialogue, joint conferences and technical cooperation in development of national standards

- Communication is also being strengthened for information exchange on fresh policy initiatives and development of education, research and training across both nations

- Both nations also emphasised the development of bilateral programmes between school, vocational technical and higher educational institutions of educational excellence

Facts and Stats

- Aussie cricketer Adam Gilchrist is the brand ambassador for education to India

- Australia India Education Council was formed on April 8 2010

- It is a bi-national body which supports industry experts, policy makers and academicians in the field of education

- AIEC is co-chaired by Australia’s Education Minister and India’s Minister for HRD
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