MoUs and Agreements Between India and Belarus: Overview

MoUs and Agreements Between India and Belarus: Overview

Question : Recently, the first visit of an Indian President to Belarus marked deepening of bilateral ties between the two nations. Discuss the roadmap for India Belarus cooperation and the MoUs signed between the two nations.

• Roadmap was signed for India and Belarus cooperation between the Secretary (West) of India and the Foreign Minister of Belarus

• Protocol amending agreement between Government of Republic of India and Government of Republic of Belarus for the Avoidance of Double Taxation and the Prevention of Fiscal Evasion with respect to Taxes on Income and on Property (Capital) was signed by the ambassador of India in Belarus and Minister of Taxes and Levies, Belarus

• MoU was signed between Bureau of Indian Standards and State Committee for Standardisation of the Republic of Belarus on Cooperation in the field of Standardisation and Information Support. Signatories to this MoU were ambassador of India in Belarus and Chairman of the State Committee for Standardisation, Belarus

• MoU between Prasar Bharati and National State Television and Radio Company of Republic of Belarus on cooperation of broadcasting was also signed

• Another MoU was on Bilateral Cooperation between the Securities and Exchange Board of India and the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus. Signatories to this included Whole Time Member, SEBI India and Minister for Finance, Belarus

• The sixth and final MoU between the Ministry of Textiles of the Republic of India and the Belarusian State concern for Manufacturing and Marketing of Light Industry Goods was signed by Joint Secretary, Ministry of Textiles of the Republic of India and Chairman, "Bellegprom”, Minsk

Facts and Stats

• Aim of India is to increase Belarus India trade to USD 1 billion by 2020
• Bilateral trade between the two nations was 400 million in 2014
• India also granted Market Economy Status to Belarus recently
• India also extended USD 100 million line of credit to Belarus in mutually identified sectors
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