MOUs for development of MSME sector

MOUs for development of MSME sector

Question: Government of India has signed many long term MOUs with different countries for the development of the MSME sector. Discuss.

Government has entered into an agreement/MoU with numerous countries for promoting cooperation in the area of MSMEs regarding capacity building, industrial surveys and feasibility studies, enterprise to enterprise collection, participation in exhibitions and trade fairs,business missions , technology transfer etc.

Long term agreements have been agreed to with 18 countries since 2000

- Tunisia: In the year 2007

- Romania: In the year 2006


- Mexico: In the year 2006

- Uzbekistan: In the year 2005

- Lesotho: In the year 2004

- Sri Lanka: In the year 2004

- Algeria: In the year 2003

- Sudan: In the year 2000

- Cote d’Ivoire: In the year 2007

- Egypt: In the year 2009

- Republic of South Korea: In the year 2010

- Mozambique: In the year 2010

- Botswana: In the year 2010

- Indonesia: In the year 2011

- Vietnam: In the year 2013

- Mauritius: In the year 2013

- Sweden: In the year 2015

Facts and Stats

- Above MoUs provide for structured framework and enabling environment for MSMEs

- International cooperation in the MSME sector is also beneficial for its growth through opening up of new markets, joint ventures, sharing of best practices, technology collaborations and more.
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