Namaste Russia: Highlights

Namaste Russia: Highlights

On a recent state visit, President Pranab Mukherjee inaugurated a seven-month-long festival of Indian culture "Namaste Russia”. Discuss the highlights of this cultural festival

• This is a 7 month long cultural festival which will be enjoyed and appreciated across Russia

• This festival will serve as a cultural bond to building solid friendship bridges and understanding between people and nations

• Affinities will be strengthened through regular cultural festivals in the nation

• During the festival, Indian groups will perform dance and music in various Russian cities

• Exhibitions of paintings and sculptures by Indian artists will also be held in Russia as part of this cultural fest

• Festival will be held from May to November 2015

• It will be held in Russian cities such as
- Moscow,
- St Petersburg,
- Kaliningrad,
- Kislovodsk,
- Rostov-on-Don,
- Ufa and others.

• The festival is being celebrated under the joint patronage of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and Indian Council for Cultural Relations/ICCR

• Joint organisers of this festival are:
- Russian State Concert Company "SODRUZHESTVO" and
- Jawaharlal Nehru Cultural Centre at the Embassy of India in Moscow.

• This cultural festival entitled Namaste India is an important international event

• It symbolises cultural dialogue between the two nations and has a rich history

• Indian culture and art, music and cinema have enjoyed appreciation in Russia

• India too has immense appreciation for the Russian culture in ballet, literature and traditions

• Speaking on the occasion, the President said Indian culture and its heritage of art, music and cinema have enjoyed love and appreciation across Russia over centuries and vice versa

• Russian Gerasim Lebedev is possibly the first European Indologist, pioneered the Bengali theatre 220 years ago in Kolkata

• Namaste Russia will reach various regions of Russia over the coming 6 months

• Indian Council for Cultural Relations will also sent teachers of India music and dance to Russia as part of this festival

• Festival will deepen Russian engagement with contemporary and classical Indian culture

• Youths will also join in cultural exchanges for instance logo for ‘Namaste Russia’ is designed by a young Russian from the Russian town of Krasnoyarsk, who won in an open competition held in both nations.

Facts and Stats

• Russia-India bilateral cultural relations are based on various programmes on cultural cooperation and interaction

• This includes festivals and days of culture of Russia in India and programmes of Indian culture in Russian cities

• In a 2014 cultural festival of Russia in India. outstanding artists performed in India including:

- Dance theatre "Gzhel",
- State Borodin Quartet,
- S Obraztsov,
- Central Puppet Theatre and the
- Soloists of Novosibirsk opera and ballet theatre.
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