NASSCOM Cyber Security Task Force: Overview

NASSCOM Cyber Security Task Force: Overview

Question : National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) and Data Security Council of India have jointly launched NASSCOM Cyber Security Task Force. Provide an overview of this task force.

• This task force formed in a collaboration between NASSCOM and Data Security Council of India aims to make India the international hub for cyber security solutions

• It also developed an R&D plan for cybersecurity

• Another focus area of this task force is skilled workforce of cyber security experts
• Task force members include industry leaders from various fields such as BPM, IT and internet. It also comprises heads of user organisations such as banks and telecom companies apart from reps from the government and academia

• Chairman, NIIT Rajendra Pawar is to chair this task force

• This task force will identify key priorities and create detailed action plan for this sector

• Vision of the task force is to built cyber security industry in India to 10% market share by 2025; it is currently 1%

• The task force also aims for the creation of a trained base of 1 million certified and skilled professionals in the area of cybersecurity and 100plus successful security product firms in this sector in India

• Securing cyberspace is an important priority of this task force

• Task force will focus on 4 key pillars namely:
- Industry development
- Policy enablement
- Technology development
- Skill development

• The task force will also perform an intensive study of the Indian cyber security ecosystem for identifying issues and challenges

• It will develop an action plan to address priority issues

• It will also locate possible intervention opportunities for the IT industry in India in the global cyber security space

• It will unite stakeholders from across the board to address international market requirements

• It will also catalyse the security product ecosystem in the nation

Facts and Stats


• NASSCOM aims to help IT and IT enabled products and services industry in India to be trustworthy, innovative, society friendly and respected across the world

• It sets strategic directions for the industry, advocates policies for growth and highlights best practices and collaborations
It also stresses on international partnership and affiliations as well as development of workers and professionals in the field

About Data Security Council

• This is an independent self regulatory organisation set up by NASSCOM for data protection, security and developing best practices for the Indian IT industry

• This council is involved in the IT/BPO industry and it focuses on capacity building of law enforcement agencies to combat cyber criminals as well
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