National Ayush Mission / NAM: Components

National Ayush Mission / NAM: Components

Question: Government has established the scheme of NAM(National Ayush Mission) recently. Discuss the components of NAM.

- GoI has made the provision for the establishment of AYUSH GRAM under National Ayush Mission

- One village per block is selected for adoption of method and practice of AYUSH as a lifestyle and healthcare intervention

- In AYUSH villages, AYUSH based lifestyles are aimed at behavioural change communication, training of village health workers for locating use of local medicinal herbs and provision of AYUSH health serves

- Grant in aid of INR 215.15 lakhs has been offered to State/UT governments during the period 2014-2015 for setting up the AYUSH Gram under NAM

Government has also notified and approved the NAM for the following:

- Improved access to AYUSH services

- Improving the strength of AYUSH educational institutions

- Enforcement of quality control of Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani and Homoepathy drugs and sustainable availability of ASU and H raw materials during the XIIth Plan in states and UTs


National AYUSH Mission has made the following provisions:

- Co-location of AYUSH facilities at PHCs, CHCs and DHs

- Upgradation of exclusive state government AYUSH hospitals and dispensaries

- Establishment of a 50 bedded integrated AYUSH Hospital

- Upgrading State Government Educational Institutions

- Setting up of the new State Government AYUSH Educational Institutions in those states where it is not available

- Strengthened State Government PSUs such as Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani and Homoeopathy pharmacies and drug testing labs

- Cultivation and promotion of medicinal plants

- Mandatory Components

- AYUSH Services

- AYUSH Educational Institutions

- Quality Control of ASU &H Drugs

- Medicinal Plants

- Flexible Components of the NAM Scheme:

- AYUSH Wellness Centres for different sectors such as Yoga and Naturopathy

- Tele-medicines and sports medicines availability through AYUSH

- Innovations in AYUSH including PPP

- Interest subsidy component for private AYUSH educational institutes

- Testing charges reimbursement

- IEC activities

- R&D in areas pertaining to medicinal plants

- Voluntary Certification scheme which is project based

- Market promotion, market intelligence plus buyback interventions

- Crop insurance for medicinal plants

Facts and Stats

Fundamental aim of NAM is the following:

- Promote AYUSH medical systems through cost effective AYUSH services,

- Strengthening of educational systems,

- Facilitate the enforcement of quality control of Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani & Homoeopathy (ASU &H) drugs

- Sustainable availability of ASU & H raw-materials.

- NAM involves establishment of mission at both centre and state level
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  • RE: National Ayush Mission / NAM: Components -Dr.B.S.Nivetha B.N.Y.S (10/29/15)
  • Wish to know is any schemes are available to develop naturopathy and yoga health care centers in rural area.since i am running( 30 bedded )Padmasoorya naturopathy and yoga hospital in Tamil nadu for 6 years successfully.want to develop research and educational institute to formulate our traditional parameters.kindly guide me,the requirements.since i am a female, shemes related women also let me inform.
    Thanking you.