National Career Service Portal: Overview

National Career Service Portal: Overview

Question : The Government of India has launched the National Career Service Portal at the forty sixth session of Indian Labour Conference. Provide an overview of this key e-governance initiative.

- National Career Service portal was launched at the Indian Labour Conference’s 46th session

- This portal brings 20 million job seekers already registered with employment exchanges across India on board

- It aims to bring 900,000 establishments as well as firms on the portal

- Main stakeholders for NCS include

- Unemployed candidates looking for job opportunities, students looking for career counselling, vocational or occupational guidance

- Illiterate and weaker sections of society namely blue collar workers looking for placement/guidance

- Persons with different abilities, ex servicemen, veterans, senior citizens and so on

- Employers looking for job candidates

- NCS will also offer registration for employers and job aspirants for free; job seekers will have to link their Aadhaar number while registering with the website

- NCS will also require companies and organisations to submit their society or company registration certificate copies while seeking empanelment on job portal

NCS will provide a variety of services including the following:

i. Registration for job seekers and employers
ii. Job posting
iii. Career Counselling
iv. Aptitude assessment
v. Job matching
vi. Information on course availability in educational institutions
vii.Training providers
viii. Guidance on self employment and entrepreneurship

- This is a Union government initiative and all central government ministries and departments as well as state run enterprises will post job vacancies in it

- Key partners in the initiative will be MSDE and MSME.

Facts and Stats

- Presently around 44.7 million job seekers are registered with 956 employment exchange

- Of these around 26.88 million are men and women below the age of 29, as per official statistics

- Around 100 of the employment exchanges will be modernised for which a sum of INR 190 crore has been set aside
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