National Mission on Food Processing: Features

National Mission on Food Processing: Features

Question - Good governance revolves around effective implementation of schemes that take the needs of local areas into consideration. Discuss the features of the National Mission of Food Processing/NMFP to be implemented during the 12th five Year Plan.

• Ministry of Food Processing Industries has launched NMFP to be implemented through State/UT governments during the 12th 5 Year Plan from 2012-2017

• This was a Centrally Sponsored Scheme; Now it is financed by the State governments from resources bestowed on them by the 14th Finance Commission

• Scheme aims for decentralisation of implementation to meet local needs

• Many schemes of the 11th 5 Year Plan has been subsumed under NMFP during the 12th 5 Year Plan:

- Scheme for Technology Up-gradation / Establishment / Modernisation of Food Processing Industries
- Scheme for Cold Chain, Value Addition and Preservation Infrastructure for Non Horticultural Products
- Scheme for Human Resource Development
- Scheme for Promotional Activities

• The new components included in the NMFP are as follows:

- Scheme for Creating Primary Processing Centres / Collection Centres in Rural Areas
- Modernisation of Meat Shops
- Reefer Vehicles
- Scheme for Setting-up / Modernisation / Expansion of Abattoirs

• State governments have been given their own physical targets for the 12th 5 Year Plan under this scheme

• They can also identify focus areas for harnessing the potential for value addition through the use of locally created raw material

• NMFP seeks to augment food processing capacity through:

- Use of new technologies
- Improving quality of food products as per domestic/global standards
- Mission also aims to:
- Lessen wastage of agricultural produce
- Infusion of new technologies
- Upgrading HR capacities

Facts and Stats

• Development of food processing industry is the chief aim of this Mission.

• The nation’s food processing sector ranks 5th in the world for exports, production and consumption

• Parts of the food processing sector include milled grain, edible oils and sugar

• Contribution of India’s food processing industry to GDP at 2004-2005 prices in 2012-2013 was pegged at INR 845.22 billion; value addition of the food processing sector as percentage of GDP manufacturing was 9.8% in 2012-2013

• The Indian food processing industry has grown annually at 8.4% for 5 years, up to 2012-2013
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