National Smart Grid Mission/NSGM : Features

National Smart Grid Mission/NSGM : Features

Question - Monitoring projects for speedy implementation is an important part of good governance. Discuss the features of the National Smart Grid Mission which has recently been approved by the government.

• The NSGM has been approved for planning, implementing and monitoring policies and programmes pertaining to Smart Grid activities.

• Total outlay for NSGM activities for the 12th Plan is 980 crore with budgetary support of INR 338 crore.

• This Mission has the following 3 tier structure:

- At apex level: Governing Council headed by Minister of Power
- Members: Secretary level officers of relevant departments and ministries
- Role: Governing Council approves policies and programmes for smart grid implementation

- At second level: Empowered Committee headed by Secretary (Power).

- Members: Joint Secretary level officers of concerned departments and ministries
- Role: To provide policy input to Governing Council and approve, monitor, review specific smart grid projects, procedures and guidelines

- Supportive Role: Technical Committee headed by Chairperson

- Members: Director level officers of relevant departments and ministries, industry and academic reps

- Role: Provide support for the Empowered Committee on technical aspects, guidelines and so on.

- Daily Operations: NSGM Project Management Unit headed by Director NPMU(which is the implementing agency for operationalisation of Smart Grid)

- Grant to 30% of project cost is available from NSGM budget. For specific components such as training and capacity building, consumer engagement, complete grant is available

Activities of NSGM

• Support for training and capacity building to State Level Project Monitoring Units for smart grid activities

• Development of smart grid

• Development of micro grids

• Consumer Engagement

• Capacity building and training

• Smart electrical grid associated with state of the art technology in:

- Automation
- Communication
- IT systems

• For monitoring power generation for consumption

Facts and Stats

About Smart Grid

• Smart grid is an evolved grid system

• It manages electricity demand in a manner that is:

- Sustainable
- Reliable
- Economic

• It is build on modern, advanced infrastructure

• It will provide electricity to meet growing demands

• It will also enhance quality and reliability of power supplies

• It will enhance energy efficiency and integrate low carbon energy sources into power networks
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