Nature of work and different positions for an Interior Designer.

Which are the different positions that an Interior Designer can work on?

As interior designers are high in demand not only of the residential designing work, but also for commercial and corporate designing. Hence now they are not restricted to only broad job titles as Commercial or Institutional or Residential Interior Designer. They can work on the finer positions like Exhibition Designer, Furniture designer, lighting designer.

What is the nature of work of an Interior Designer?

Right from the scratch the professional has to plan out all the details of the work to be done till the time he submits the finally designed structure to the client. To start with, the Interior Designer has to sit one to one with the client and to note down the needs, preferences, choices and taste of the client along with his budget and time deadlines. After knowing the requirements the professional has to sketch out a design and the work plan layout. Costs have to be set according to the budget given. Once the designed is approved by the client, materials are to be sourced out and work is to be distributed among the contractors like electrician, builders, fitters etc. As per the time deadlines and the budget the work is then completed and Interior Designer has to make coordination in his team to conceptualize the final outcome with the design that he had put on the paper.
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