NAZCA Initiative of the UN : Features

NAZCA Initiative of the UN : Features

Question - Environmental conservation is predicated on mitigation as well as adaptation. Discuss the features of the NAZCA initiative launched by the UN for conserving the ecology.

• UN has launched a unique platform for meeting the challenges of climate change called NAZCA/ Non-State Actor Zone for Climate Action

• Companies, cities, regions and investors will be able to register their climate action commitments and demonstrate how to face the common evil of global warming through this platform

• UN has moved ahead of the global climate summit in Paris COP 21 stressing on mitigation, adaptation as well as extension of financial and technical support

• The platform is designed to catalyse public and private sector action on climate change prior to and after 2020

• Close to 500 city actions have been showcased on the platform

• Actions plus targets declared by cities ranging from Amsterdam to Yokohama range from improving energy efficiency to deployment of renewables for green procurement and adaptation action

• The cities which are participating in the portal are setting science based targets to ensure world will stay below globally agreed limit of maximum 2 degree celsius global average temperature rise

• Under the Lima Paris Action Agenda, NAZCA is showcasing inspiring initiatives

• Agenda is designed to catalyse government and non state actors to take action against climate change both before and after 2020

• Initiative is also expected to build momentum to the climate talks

• Information pertaining to commitments recorded on the website have been provided by UN’s core data partners namely


- Carbon Climate Registry
- Climate Group
- Investors on Climate Change

• This is a platform beyond specific commitments of the countries as part of the effort to fight climate change through actions and policy interventions

• Alongside this, the NAZCA portal also published investor data for the first time. This includes:

- Investor Platform for Climate Actions/IIGCC: A joint project of IIGCC in Europe,
- Ceres' Investor Network on Climate Risk/INCR in North America, IGCC in Australia/New Zealand,
- Asia Investor Group on Climate Change (AIGCC),
- PRI,
- CDP and

Facts and Stats

• The Lima Paris Action Agenda was agreed to at the close of the past year by

- Peruvian COP 20 Presidency,
- Incoming French COP 21 Presidency,
- UN Secretary General’s Office and
- UNFCC secretariat

• NAZCA, a web based platform was launched on the penultimate day of the Business & Climate Summit in Paris

• It aims to create awareness about ecological conservation

• It also aims to mobilise action to combat climate change
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