NCFM & CPE - Certification courses in finance and securities

Certification courses in finance and securities

Here are some certificate courses for professionals as well as non-professionals who would like to work in trading industry. Some certification is a must in this industry which is controlled and conducted by the stock exchange in India as per the SEBI guidelines.

1. NSE's Certification in the Financial Market (NCFM)

There are some guidelines in the trading industry that need to be followed by the brokers and dealers in order to minimize the risk of the investors. NCFM is the certification course that assesses the practical knowledge and skills that are essential for you to operate in the financial market. NCFM is a testing facility that was provided by the National Stock Exchange in 1998 in order to protect the interest of the investors and save them from the losses arising due to lack of knowledge in the financial industry.

Why should you take this test?

NCFM is conducted in a very secured and unbiased manner as the certificates are given on the basis of the online test appeared by the candidates. They follow a fully automatic and organized way of conducting the exam. Some modules of this exam have been made compulsory to the intermediaries to enter the financial market.

For all the brokers, dealers and sales persons in the derivative market have to mandatorily get a certification in the Derivatives module of NCFM as per the specifications of SEBI. If you have cleared the Capital Market Module of NCFM you are authorized to use the trading system of NSE and you will get the designation of a dealer.

NCFM enhances your skills and future career prospects in the trading industry.

Who is eligible to take the exam?

If you are an Indian citizen and have a desire to work in the financial market you are eligible to appear for the exam.

2. Certification of associated persons in the Securities Markets by NISM

NISM stands for National Institute of Securities Markets that offers two certifications under the SEBI Regulations, 2007. They are:

• Mandatory Certification Examinations for Associated Persons in the Securities Market Intermediaries- If you are entering the world of financial market you have to clear this certification.

• Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Programs for Associated Persons in the Securities Market Intermediaries- if your certification for associated person is about to expire, you need to appear for CPE in the 12 months preceding the expiry date of the certificate.

The certificate has a validity of three years, and once you appear for the CPE it gets validated again for the next three years.

Why is it compulsory?

NISM gives you the responsibility of saving the interest of the investors as it enhances your skills and knowledge through various publications they issue. It is compulsory for you to use this certification if you are employed in any sector of the Indian Securities Markets.
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