NCVT-MIS Digital Portal for vocational training and its advantages

NCVT-MIS Digital Portal for vocational training and its advantages

Question: The Labour and Employment Ministry has said it will take all possible steps to prepare one crore youth for employment through vocational training in the 12th five year plan. Discuss the launch of the NCVT-MIS digital platform for providing vocational training to youth in India and its advantages.

NCVT-MIS Digital Portal

• This portal was formally launched to help in enhancing the market function of vocational training delivery in India

• The platform has been developed by the Labour & Employment’s Directorate General of Employment & Training

• This is an effort to improve the infrastructure and realise the goals of the Skill India mission

• The portal also aims to enhance the process efficiencies of the government

• It also works to increase transparency and reduce leakages as well as corruption through the use of technology

• The portal aims to strike a balance between labour laws and labour welfare

• Digital portal aims at helping all stakeholders

• The portal will cut waiting time from years to days for the apprentice to obtain certificates

• Employers will also be able to cross check the authenticity of candidates through the portal

• General public can also access numerous details of institutions in the nation, courses offered and uptake statistics, total number of seats available, examination schedules and so on

First Phase:

• In the first phase, the NCVT-MIS portal offers an e-governance mechanism for key DGE&T schemes such as Craftsmen Training Scheme/CTS and Apprentice Protsahan Yojana/APY

• Portal will also provide data to the general public on details of numerous institutions in the nation for the Craftsman Trade scheme, Apprenticeship scheme and Craftsman Instructor training scheme as well as affiliation details, number of seats as well as utilisation statistics

• Details of 11000+ ITIs/Industrial Training Institutes with their affiliation details will also be provided via this portal

• Students can also print hall tickets, mark sheets and e-certificates directly from the portal and validate e-certificates directly using this portal

• Under APY, portal digitises the entire business process pertaining to the scheme and permits registration for establishments as well as submission and approval of claims and payment to establishments and to apprentices processed electronically through direct benefit transfer

• Help-desk is also in place for assisting the ITIs; portal provides visibility regarding the training, employment and apprenticeship services of the Ministry

• This also helps to catalyse the demand for services through more comprehensive market information and advocacy

• The portal also acts as a self service internet portal to help stakeholders across business functions online

• The portal will also improve governance of vocational training for the field institutions of DGE&T through high degree of transparency and better decision making analytics as well as enhanced access to citizen services

Phase II

• Under this phase of development, the platform assists by providing modules for Centrally funded institutes which provide training and apprenticeship for students and help Stats in migrating admission process for vocational courses online

• This portal will also provide integration with the National Career Service portal of the DGE&T for integrating training with employment and Aadhaar

Facts and Stats

• Around 11000+ ITI exist across the nation with 134 different types of trades of numerous durations and sizes

• Around 10 lakh students enrol each year through the ITIs

• As per the 11th 5 year plan, around 5114 ITIs imparted training in 57 engineering and 50 non-engineering trades

• According to an ILO report, the DGE&T’s skill development programmes complement others such as courses offered by high vocational schools, polytechnics and colleges

• ITIs capture 10 to 12 percent of total number of standard X pass-outs, according to an ILO report

• Important training schemes provided by the DGE&T include Craftsmen Training Scheme (CTS), Apprenticeship Training Scheme (ATS), Craft Instructors’ Training Scheme(CITS), Advanced Vocational Training Scheme(AVTS), Supervisory/Foremen Training Scheme, Staff Training and Research Program, Instructional Media Development Program, Women’s Training Scheme and Hi-Tech Training Scheme.
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