Need for modulation and Bandwidth requirement in SSB-SC AM wave

Modulation is required for

a.) Reducing noise while transmission
b.) Multiplexing the signals
c.) Reduction of Antenna height
d.) Reduction in the complexity of circuitry
e.) All of the above

Correct Answer: e) All of the above


Modulation is required as with modulation, the signal is transmitted at higher frequency that reduces the probability of addition of noise while transmission and reduces the height of antenna at the transmitter. With modulation, there is reduction in the complexity of circuitry and more signals may be transmitted using multiplexing technique.

Bandwidth required in SSB-SC signal is (fm is modulating frequency):

a.) 2fm
b.) < 2fm
c.) > 2fm
d.) fm

Correct Answer: fm


In an amplitude modulated wave, total bandwidth required is from fc+ fm to fc- fm

i.e. BW = 2fm where fc is carrier frequency.

In SSB-SC transmission, as the carrier and one of the sidebands are suppressed, the bandwidth remains as fm.
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