New Framework Agreement on Defence Cooperation between India and US

New Framework Agreement on Defence Cooperation between India and US

Question - Bilateral defence ties have become excessively important in present times due to internal and external threats to national security. Discuss the new Framework Agreement on Defence Cooperation keeping in view the Joint Statement of India and US on Defence Cooperation.

Framework Agreement on Defence Cooperation

• India and the US have finalised a fresh Framework Agreement on Defence Cooperation

• This will come in place of the current Framework Agreement on Defence Cooperation which will expire in the month of June 2015

• Dialogue between the two countries have been established under the DTTI/Defence Technology and Trade Initiative for co-development and production of defence technologies that are of mutual interest

• However, there is no joint production of weapons by the 2 nations currently


Projects identified under DTTI include the following:

• Next generation Raven unmanned aerial vehicles
• Roll-on, roll-off intelligence kits for C-130 transport aircrafts
• Mobile electric hybrid power source

Joint Statement on Defence Cooperation

• India-US defence cooperation and bilateral defence ties have grown in recent times with the corresponding strengthening of India-US relations

• Both sides continue to work for full cooperation expanded under the 2005 New Framework Agreement

Following general principles will be followed for a new vision:

• US and India share common security interests and are at the same level as their nearest allies

• Principle will apply with respect to the following:
- Defence Technology Transfer
- Trade & Research
- Co-development and co-production of defence articles and services
- Development of advanced and sophisticated technologies

• Both nations will also work to enhance and speed up licensing processes and follow expedited license approval procedures for facilitation of cooperation

• Both nations will also protect each other’s information and sensitive technologies

• US will support the full membership of India in 4 global export control regimes for facilitation of technology sharing

• 2 sides will also persist in efforts to strengthen mutual understanding of respective procurement systems and approval processes and meet process related difficulties in technology transfer and collaboration as well as defence trade

• India and the US will also look forward to identification of certain opportunities for cooperative and collaborative projects in advanced defence technologies and systems in the coming years

• Both sides will pursue opportunities according to national policies as well as procedures to capitalise on the relationship potential

Facts and Stats

Recently, President Obama’s visit has strengthened bilateral ties between the two nations in that:

- Two sides committed themselves to renewal of talks on Bilateral Investment Treaty
- Current bilateral trade is pegged at USD 100 billion. Trade targets set for the two sides equal USD 500 billion
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