NIPER’s Scientific Breakthrough in Nano Crystal Medicine: Advantages

NIPER’s Scientific Breakthrough in Nano Crystal Medicine: Advantages

Question: National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research/NIPER has conducted advanced research for generation of nano crystal based medicine, putting India in a select league of nations. Only US and Ireland currently have access to this medical technology, apart from India. Discuss the advantages of this scientific breakthrough.

- NIPER’s recent research has put India in a select group of nations which can manufacture raw material for generation of nano crystal based medicines

What are Nano Crystals?

- These are tiny nanometre sized particles of drug which act more rapidly and effectively than traditional and conventional medicine


- NIPER has received an Indian patent for the technology

- It is now applying for US and European patents

- Indigenous technology will cut the cost of drugs by 50%

- NIPER has developed the technology for generating nano crystalline solid dispersions

- More than 60% of the drugs are not easily soluble in water preventing their absorption and impacting their efficacy

- Using nano crystals for medicines will solve the problem

- Unlike patented foreign technology, the indigenous process generates the nano crystals directly as solid powder rather than suspended liquid state which has to be converted to solid state

- This will cut down on the cost of the generation of nano crystal raw material

- This will also open up competition in the pharma sector


- NIPER is the first national institute in pharma science

- This has been declared as an Institute of National Importance by GoI

- NIPER is a member of Association of Indian Universities and Association of Commonwealth Universities

Facts and Stats

- Nanotechnology enabled drug delivery market is worth USD 136 billion;

- 60% share of this is occupied by nanocrystal

- NIPER has entered into licensing agreement for developing and commercialising this discovery retaining ownership of the patent with Windlas Biotech Limited, an Indian pharma company

- After commercialisation of products based on the NanoCrySP, royalty payment will be generated for NIPER

- Technology could boost the way for new research into treatments for existing molecules
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