North-South Korea Relations: Perspective

North-South Korea Relations: Perspective

Question: Korean peninsula has always faced tensions. Recently, a new low in South-North Korea relations was reached. Discuss.

- Ultimatum provided by North Korea to the South to cease propaganda broadcasts along DMZ r face war have escalated tensions between the two to a new high

- Koreas are technically still warring as the 1950-1953 Korean War closed with an armistice agreement and not complete ceasefire

- Border violence has also been continuous along the lines dividing the two nations

- Growing unpredictability of N. Korea under Kum Jong-un is adding to the disaster

- Assertive response by S. Korea to provocations by N.Korea is also having an impact on the level of tensions between the two nations

- N. Korean media has also confirmed that the nation is facing an economic crisis in the form of a drought, the worst in a century

- Whipping up tensions could be a ploy to distract N.Koreans from internal problems

Facts and Stats

- The most recent conflict happened when South Korean soldiers were injured and Seoul responded by increasing anti North propaganda which led to shelling from the North

- Full scale conflict remain rare however since 1953

- N. Korea went nuclear in the year 2006

- China could be an ally for S. Korea to better relations with N.Korea
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