Novell Campus Placement - Procedure, Information & Questions

Novell Campus Placement - Procedure, Information & Questions

Novell is a software company wherein they design and build software to make the environments secure and easier to manage, for example LAN, i.e. Local Area Network’s market was developed by Novell and they have been successful in doing this.

The recruitment process remains more or less the same in terms of campus placements, i.e. starting with a written test followed by technical interview and lastly the HR round.
The written test is divided into 4 sections, i.e. analytical section which consists of 15 questions, computer concepts which have 15 questions, 15 Questions based on C language and lastly essay writing skills on either Linux or any open source.

Some of the questions were based on topics like logical questions, time and work, rate and interest, ages, speed and distance. Some of the questions from the computer concepts are based on semaphores, scheduling, cache memory, data structures.

Some of the sample questions that have appeared in the paper in last years are:

Question 1 to 4 has to be answered on the basis of the information given below:

The workweek in a small Business is a five-day workweek running from Monday through Friday.

In each workweek, activities L,M,N,O and P must all be done. The work is subject to the following restrictions:

- L must be done earlier in the week than O and earlier than P
- M must be done earlier in the week than N and earlier than O
- No more than one of the activities can ever be done on any one day

1. Choose the acceptable schedule starting from Monday to Friday?

a) L, M, N, O, P
b) M, N, O, N, M
c) O, N, L, P, M
d) P, O, L, M, L
e) P, O, L, M, N

2. What activities could be done on Monday and Tuesday

a) L and O
b) M and L
c) M and P
d) N and O
e) O and M

3. If P and N are done on Thursday and Friday, then which of the following is true

a) L is done on Tuesday
b) L is done on Wednesday
c) M is done on Monday
d) O is done on Tuesday
e) O is done on Wednesday

4. Choose the correct statement

a) L on Friday
b) M on Thursday
c) N on Monday
d) O on Monday
e) P on Tuesday

The technical round of interview consists of questions majorly on C language and Linux. Some of the questions asked were on static, global, function pointers, pointers, data structures, process management, memory management, file management.

The last round of interview is the HR round wherein personal details, family and educational background are discussed; hobbies, interests as well as salary details are discussed.
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