Number of Components in Different Types of Integration Levels.

Match the following pairs:

Integration Levels Number of Components
A. SSI -------------------- 1. <100 components
B. MSI -------------------- 2. > 1000 components
C. LSI -------------------- 3. <10 components
D. VLSI -------------------- 4. > 100 components

a. A3 , B1 , C4 , D2
b. A1 , B4 , C2 , D3
c. A4 , B2 , C3 , D1
d. A2 , B4 , C1 , D3

Correct Answer : a. A3 , B1 , C4 , D2

Explanation :

Classification of Integrated Circuits is based on the number of components mounted on the same chip inclusive of gates too. Number of components mounted on chip of Small-Scale Integration (SSI) are less than 10. If the number of components configured on a chip are less than 100, then the chip belongs to the category of Medium Scale Integration (MSI).
Apart from these, if the number of components goes on increasing the size of chip to about greater than 100, then the chip is associated with Large Scale Integration (LSI) whereas if the number of components exceeds than 1000, then the chip gets specified to the category of Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI).
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