OfficeofRG - Demonstrates Rahul’s dynamism?

OfficeofRG - Demonstrates Rahul’s dynamism?


Finally Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has taken the plunge into social media with a much applauded debut on twitter, where soon followings rained even before a single tweet was out. Rahul, 20 years younger than PM Modi is all aspiring to take back from BJP in 2019 what they lost a year ago. Modi is called "the superstar of social media" and Rahul is believed to be taciturn when it comes to delivering a moving speech. His take into Twitter might reveal more about the real person he is and what is his view on various issues. He is might be late for this since Modi has already claimed the throne of ruling over Twitterati or he can give a tough competition which began with his stand on net neutrality following his debut at Twitter. A new person in him has come forth - actively participating, and being more vocal, less complaining.


1. Rahul Gandhi is the son of Rajiv Gandhi, the leader whose insight helped India go for the IT movement while others were still crying over the boons of machines. His earlier reluctance to join social media has ended and now the future of Congress seems to be communicative, unrestrained and vocal.

2. Better late than never. Rahul Gandhi has learnt his lessons from the Lok Sabha elections and post his sabbatical he is seen actively interacting with people and hearing out their concerns instead of mere talk for shows and made up speeches. Social media is indeed the best platform of the time for interacting with electors and letting them know your own ideas and plans. Even past elections, we can see how active Modi's social media handlers are at their work. They never fail to keep updated about the recent plans and proposals along with detailed info of what is being done for the people.

3. When Rahul went on the sabbatical there were rumours that he wanted a free hand at running the party which was denied to him. He has perhaps been controlled into a party already been at the apex for long and where his say was the least that mattered unless it counted into the list of priorities that the senior party members see as appropriate. We are yet to see what the young leader has to say or do if he is left to do or say things on his own. If Rahul is seen active on Twitter, it would definitely mean a big deal for the now shadowed congress.


1. Rahul Gandhi is known for his impulsive comments that are usually ridiculed. So now at least we can expect that since there will be expert people handling his social media account, his expression will come in proper terms and weighted knowledge of what's happening around.

2. Post sabbatical, RaGa is seen trying to be active. He spoke to people in NCR areas about their pleas regarding Real Estate Regulatory Bill. Though he wasn't well informed about the whole issue, he impulsively went ahead to give nonsensical comments that were ridiculed. It is obvious he is not competent enough to be able to speak his own mind and soul for anything other than for controversy. Twitter can be his rescue from statement of blunder.

3. We know how popular his opposition is on Twitter. Modi at the apex, there are others like Home Minister Rajnath Singh and External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj who have been very active on social media. Omar Abdullah and Shashi Tharoor have also been competent enough, utilizing social media in the best possible way any politician can. Rahul is just following these people's way to popularity by joining Twitter.

4. Congress had been discouraging their own fellow members for being active on social media. Shashi Tharoor and Nirupama Roy have previously been vilified from the likes of their own. Rahul Gandhi joining Twitter at the age of 44, at times when every 14 years old educated child is a Twitterati is not something to applaud at. And that too when the account is to be managed by some PR people talking about his schedules. Nothing more realistic than the blame game can the Congress scion be good at.

5. Rahul Gandhi was previously seen copying solidarity messages from his phone into visitors book at Nepal Embassy. A man who cannot even offer condolence felt from within him, without taking help from internet cannot be called dynamic when he decided to join Twitter to save himself from talking nonsense.


Rahul Gandhi on Twitter, with or without PR handling it, would give an edge to his party of he comes out of his timidity and show people that he can be good at interacting about the common issues of people. Twitterati will accept OfficeofRG, dismissing the late arrival, if he can show them some real dynamism instead of posting schedules of 15 kms padyatra in Telangana. The young congress vice president is yet to show his worth, to grab attention apart from going missing, and to prove that he is efficient enough to take oven the seat that BJP snapped off with while the congress sat back taciturn for a long time.
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  • RE: OfficeofRG - Demonstrates Rahul’s dynamism? -Deepa Kaushik (06/05/15)
  • Any person who is actually dynamicwould represent his true personality in factual presence during meeting or conference or anyother public gathering. Joining twitter or any other social media could not give anadge to the party. congress cannot represent Rahul Gandhi by maintaining PR for the social media updates networking.

    Politics is a field game of words. An effective leadership requires a good orator and an efficient public speaker. Rahul Gandhi hasn't proved himself on these grounds so far. How can we accept his dynamismjust a profile created on twitter?

    If at all we count the twitter account of OfficeofRG, we can take that to be the emergence of Congress on social media. Comments with the help of PR is simply like reciting a speech written for him. Politics and dynamism should run in the blood and soul of the person to attain the heights. A twitter account can hardly alter Rahul Gandhi's public image.