Online Courses vs Conventional College Courses - A new age dilemma!

Online Courses vs Conventional College Courses - A new age dilemma!

Traditional or online! They both offer courses with the same intention, of awarding degrees and providing good education. Having said this, there is a wide range of options offered through both the mediums. The options range from certificates and diplomas to more advanced degrees.

Online courses just like traditional courses, are taught by instructors with expertise in their respective subjects. There are many more students who have enrolled for the same course, although chances of you meeting either your classmates or the instructors is rather grim. Most of the time online courses have a common forum or a platform where students interact, share views, ask questions etc.

Attending College

Traditional college classes require your physical presence and certain percent of attendance is mandatory. The traditional classroom experience is perfect for those who want the real college experience. There are more opportunities to join clubs, associations or participate in various extra- curricular activities. Guidance, suggestions are readily available on campus making it an advantage in itself. These are the best choice for students who are not very technology savvy and who enjoy interacting with teachers and professors along with being active on the campus.

A traditional class gives you the much required discipline which is a little difficult to achieve with an online setting. Online learning can be a very rewarding experience as it not only allows you to continue their education without sacrificing their career but also allows you to interact with students all over the world. Only after weighing your options should you choose one of the two, seeing what suits you the best.

Cost effective online courses

Resources at an online course differ slightly to the ones you will get to see in a conventional classroom. Online schools are less expensive, majorly because you don’t have to pay for any facilities such as gyms, libraries etc. They are also cost efficient especially because you will not be spending any money on transport. Obviously due to the very basic nature of online classes, they are flexible and thus convenient in every way. These courses are excellent for people with a demanding work schedule and ones who need to meet family responsibilities. It allows students to take the course from just about anywhere and learn at their own pace.


Although technology has advanced to such great extent that it has replaced every thing, including classrooms with laptops, the old charm will never be attached with the online medium of classes that traditional classrooms possess.
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