Operation Maitri - Features & key issues surrounding disaster management

Operation Maitri - Features & key issues surrounding disaster management
Question : The recent earthquake in Nepal is the strongest in 80 years. Discuss the main features Operation Maitri launched by the Indian government in response to the earthquake. What are the key issues underlying an effective disaster management policy?

Operation Maitri: Key Features

• Operation Maitri is a massive road and air operation launched to evacuate Indians from Nepal and help the calamity striken citizens of Nepal.

• The relief and rescue operation named Operation Maitri was launched on 27th April 2015

• The operation involves 2 dozen military aircrafts and choppers alongside bus services through road route

• India has also set 1000 trained personnel of the National Disaster Response Force into service after Nepal was struck by the earthquake

• Multi-National Coordination Centre has been set up as part of this operation

• Headquarters have been established in PPO Pokhra for relief operations

• An inter-ministerial team headed by Home Ministry officials has also left for Nepal to coordinate relief and rescue efforts

• Indian Army has launched Operation Maitri as part of the overall effort for relief and rehab in Nepal by India

Key Issues Regarding Disaster Management Policy

• Firstly, the policy must focus on key issues and provide a collective safety net

• The most vulnerable persons must be given priority first and following this, critical resources and systems on which communities depend must be protected

• Government should also install a culture of prevention where citizens and government structures protect their property and lives through proper precautions

• Disaster prevention and preparedness are also a critical part of a disaster management policy
• Disaster assistance should be provided in a way that ensures equity, consistency and predictability

• Disaster management should also encourage community involvement

• It should also be driven from all agencies and bodies of the government as well as private units

• Disaster management policy should also be transparent and inclusive

• It should make allowances for local conditions and bear legitimacy

• The policy also needs to be flexible and adaptable while being efficient and effective

Facts and Stats

Following resources have been allocated as part of the Operation Maitri now:

- 18 medical teams with 6 medical teams having reached Nepal while the rest are on standby
- 10 Engineer Task Forces comprising manpower, skid steers and JCBs
- 10,000 blankets and 1000 tents were on standby
- 10 INMARSAT for satellite communications have reached Nepal
- Aviation assets of 5 ALH helicopters and 2 Cheetah choppers have also been staged to Gorakhpur
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