Opportunities for linguists to work with differently abled people.

Can I work with differently abled (deaf and dumb) students, as a linguist?

- You can indeed work with deaf and dumb. That is a wonderful option. You should study communication disorders in depth while pursuing your studies in linguistics. However such career options are not available after bachelors. You should first complete your masters and doctorate studies. If you look forward to work as speech therapist or an audiologist, then you should first decide on, if you want to work as a counsellor or if you want to teach them. If you wish to teach deaf and dumb, then you should have an underlying degree in the subject to be
taught. In order to work as a counsellor, you can opt for courses in universities which offer degree in courses such as psychology, rehabilitation and vocational counselling in addition to
your studies of linguistics.

- Universities including Delhi University offer courses in Sign Languages, which further can prove to be an aid if you want to move forward as a sign language interpreter. There are several non profit organization also doing the same thing.
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