Oracle Placement Experience & Process for Freshers - 2016

Oracle is a public based multinational company, headquartered in Redwood Shores, California. It visited our college in Jamshedpur for recruitment of Application Developer and Associate Consultant.

It was a pool campus recruitment, for both NIT Jamshedpur and BIT Mesra. Around 700 students came for the placement.

They conducted a PPT (Pre Placement Talk) in which they introduced the company and its work. It was for almost one and half hour.

Then they put forward the eligibility criteria needed to us.

It was open for circuital branch and Mechanical in non-circuital branch.

The selection process was held in three steps:

1. Online Test
2. Technical Interview
3. HR Interview

1. Online Test

The online test questions given by the panel were same for both - Application Developer and Associate Consultant. The questions consisted of aptitude and coding sections. Students had to attempt all the questions.

The sections in aptitude were Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning and English (antonyms & synonyms, fill in the blanks, spot the error and conversion of active-passive & vice-versa).

Also, there was seperate section for Reading Comprehension which consisted of two long passages.

Coding consisted of Data Structures, Flow Charts, DBMS and Java.

Students who performed well in coding were selected for Application Developer and those in aptitude were chosen for Associate Consultant.

Some were short listed for both the posts, but later they were asked their choice of preferred post.

Approximately 450 candidates were selected.

2. Technical Interview

This was one-to-one interview.

The questions asked by the interviewer are:
  • To explain about your summer internship.
  • Which data structure is used to perform recursion?
  • Describe session in PHP.
  • What is FTP?
  • What steps do you take for solving a technical problem?
  • What is a ternary operator?
  • What is Software Development Life Cycle?
As technical round was easy. So, all the students were selected for the HR interview.

3. HR Interview

This round was tough. This was also one-to-one round.

Besides few general questions in HR round there were tricky questions also.

Some of the sample questions are:
  • What type of supervisor you found to be the best?
  • How has your experience prepare you for your career?
  • If employed, how would you manage time for other interviews?
  • What have been your achievements during your college days?
  • How do you feel about shift rotation?
As we have mentioned about our role performed in college fest. So, they asked two to three questions related to that also.

Finally, 200 students got selected for the respective posts.

Some tips for you to succeed in the test and crack interview:
  • Be prepared with computer languages.
  • Go thorough your resume well.
  • If you have mentioned any activity or achievements, make sure that you have a photocopy of its certificate.
  • They ask some situation based questions. Be prepared.
  • Attend your interview with relaxed mind as you can expect trick based questions.
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