Oracle verbal ability questions and answers

Hi All,

I am a BE - final year student. Last month Oracle visited our college campus to hire some fresh candidates. Oracle was a dream company for all of us so we were quite excited.

They conducted an online aptitude test which consisted of some quant, english and technical questions.
The English section wasn't very tough. All you need is a basic grammar knowledge and good time management skills.

The questions you can expect are like fill in the blanks with articles and prepositions, identifying the errors, correcting the errors, may be some synonyms or antonyms.

Some of the questions I remember from my test are:

The uncommon herbs are difficult to study because they are found only in --- valleys of Himalayas.
1. fertile 2. hospitable 3. inaccessible 4. mundane 5. extensive

What's the error?
The principal of equal justice (1)/for all is one of (2)/the cornerstones of our (3)/ democratic way of life. (4)/ No Error (5)

a.) incursion b.) contest c.) ranger d.) intuition

a.) novel : title b.) cinema : name c.) city: Tokyo d.) play: Shakespeare
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