Oscillators and Waveform Generation Types.

Match the following:

Types Waveform Generation Type
A. RC Oscillator ---------------- 1. Saw-tooth wave
B. LC Oscillator ---------------- 2. Sinusoidal wave
C. Crystal Oscillator ---------------- 3. Square wave

a. A3 , B2 , C1
b. A2 , B3 , C1
c. A1 , B2 , C3

Correct Answer : b. A2 , B3 , C1

Explanation :
The type of waveform generation by an oscillator totally depends on components used in the circuit . Hence, they can be sinusoidal if RC components are used while they can be square if LC components are used & even they can be saw-tooth or triangular if crystal oscillator is used. Crystal Oscillators are stable to maximum extent as compared to that of RC & LC oscillators due to higher figure of merit (Q). However, crystal & LC oscillators find their applications in generation of high frequency signals while RC oscillators are intended for audio-frequency applications.
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