Our gains from our democratic set-up

Our gains from our democratic set-up

Democracy is the sense of fresh air we breathe in day-in and day-out. The freedom we enjoy today is the gift of our elders to us Indians. This hard-earned freedom is a great treasure for us that we need to safe-guard throughout our life. The democracy has a great deal and zeal to provide a peaceful living to its citizens. Though the country has its own rulers, still there remains a lot of difference between an autocratic and democratic set-up. Freedom in every respect, enjoying our fundamental rights with peace and ability to question the government is possible only in a democratic set-up.

Indian Democracy

Running a democratic set-up in a country like India where we have unity in diversity is a challenging job practically. It is easy to question the governance and pin-point the incorrect means and failures, but that is equally difficult to run the government smoothly pacifying and satisfying the needs and expectations of the people from every sect, every state and every group of classification. We have been undoubtedly doing a great job so far. The Fundamental rights that we enjoy in our every action is a beautiful feature of this democratic set-up. Having so many dialects, religion, traditions and customs, we have respect for every group of people.

Indian democracy have seen both the single party rule and the coalition government. Both have their own significance. The single party rule is helpful in scenarios where we need to get a rule passed in the parliament with much ease. On the other hand, the coalition government is helpful in understanding the requirements and expectation of the people all over the country through their representatives in the parliament. In both the cases, the main important feature being the opposition. A strong opposition is highly important for the efficient functioning of a democratic government. There need to be a good knowledgeable opposition to question the working of the government and raise the unattended issues to the house to have them resolved as well.

Gains from the democratic set-up

• End to autocracy - End of kingship and autocratic rule. We are now free of bowing down to a single man. though our country is divided into states, still we are united as a single unit India, unlike the older days when just a province of the king was known to be their land.

• Equality before law – Everyone is equal before law. There is no discrimination with respect to caste, creed, religion, gender etc. Every person is considered with equality in all aspects.

• Abolishment of superstitious beliefs – The superstitious beliefs prevailing under the name of traditions like Sati and Child Marriage, untouchability, etc. have been successfully abolished by some great reformers in our society.

• Fresh and open minded outlook - New approach and transformation in the mind-set of the masses viz. widow re-marriage, women education and employment etc. Right against exploitation, prohibiting all forms of forced labour, child labour and traffic in human beings is a big achievement.

• Freedom of speech and expression- this is definitely a great freedom to speak out things openly and freely without any fear or hesitation. Speaking our views out even about the ruling government , obviously in an unoffending way, can be possible only in a democratic set-up.

• Freedom for all religions – We are a secular state. We welcome and respect all the religions in our country. We have the freedom of practice and propagation of all the religions. It is the speciality of our nation that we possess the right for minorities to establish institutions and also provide the reservations to give them a helping hand to raise them. We have also established the rights to conserve culture.

• Right for education and employment - Development of rural culture like adult education, free education to the children have helped a lot to overcome the rural India. This has helped in spreading awareness amongst the masses, which has in turn made a lot of changes in their life-style and living standard. Freedom for getting educated and get into any occupation and profession is a good opportunity provided to us to reach the heights. Equality in employment opportunities is again a boon from our democracy.

• Urbanization - Freedom for residing anywhere in the country. Urbanization viz better living conditions, better sanitation facilities, well constructed house-hold etc. is a return gift of our freedom. the well utilised opportunity turns the life into a paradise.

• Self defence against conviction – Freedom to get defence and protection in case of conviction is another right that we have. We can place our set of argument to defend ourselves before getting framed into any charge. This is definitely a boon for those innocent people who get falsely framed into the crime.

What do we require to improve or overcome in our democratic set up?

• We need to have an educated electoral group
• Independent judiciary is something we enjoy, still if the judicial system gets out of the trap of the bribery, it would be pleasure living.
• Free Press
• Corruption
• Ever increasing population
• Law and order situation in the country
• Improper distribution of wealth


To be precise, our democratic set-up has given us a lot many things. It is we who need to preserve the freedom and our rights in a judicious way. A well utilised opportunity will definitely help us to reach the untouchable heights. With unity and an efficient democratic governance, we definitely possess the potential to emerge as a Superpower in the near future.
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