Overview of the field of Business administration

Can I please have an overview of the field of Business administration so that I can have a better understanding of the same?

Business in the recent times has become really important in one's day to day life. Business is all about innovation, growth and sharing and not just about buying and selling. So if you want to excel in area of business then management studies is the right way to go. Business administration is one of the most sought after careers and it is all about managing business functions such as finance, management, services etc. It can be defined as the process of managing and supervising the business and related operations of a company or organisation. Business Administration has become prominent with the rapid growth of industrialisation which made the industries think of a scientific approach towards business. As a result, a large number of business schools have come up rapidly all over the world, and a degree in Business Administration has become the norm. India is one of the major countries which offer good business education.
Business administration is one of the glorious and most paid professions of the current era. It is an achievement-oriented profession which has opened limitless opportunity in diverse spheres with the promise of rewards in the form of good remuneration, status and scope. Many Indian and foreign institutes are giving professional coaching in this field and the highly paying placements through campus selection is an added attraction. To be an ideal candidate for this field, MBA (Master of Business Administration) is considered as the basic and ideal qualification for taking up a rewarding career in the field of management. There are various bachelor’s degree programmes like BBA, BBM, etc. which will teach a student the basics of Business Administration, but it is only through MBA that one can specialise in a particular field of Business Administration. If an aspirant wants to be successful in this particular field then MBA does a whole lot in getting top management positions in the corporate world.
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