Pam Rajput Committee Recommendations on Marital Rape: Overview

Pam Rajput Committee Recommendations on Marital Rape: Overview

Question: Marital rape could soon be an offence. Discuss the recommendations of the Pam Rajput Committee in this context.

- Marital rape could soon be an offence if the Centre appointed panel, the Pam Rajput committee’s recommendations are enforced

- As a pro woman measure, marital rape should be an offence regardless of age and relationship between perpetrator and survivor

- Government’s stand on this issue has been declared backward with many indicating the UN Committee on Elimination of Discrimination against women have recommended the criminalisation of marital rape

- Justice J. S. Verma Committee has also recommended criminalisation of marital rape

- Stakeholders from the government, civil society and NGOs will be discussing the panel recommendations

- Report also recommended age of consent must be revised from 18 to 16 years and rape by armed personnel during the time of their duty must be punished and AFSPA be revoked

- Report also recommended definitions of cruelty as per anti dowry act should be widened to include all forms of violence against women and definition of dowry will be expanded to include property directly or indirectly before or after marriage in connection with the marital relationship

- Committee also recommended honour crimes should be dealt with through a separate legislation

- Immediate action needs to be taken against archaic practices like witch hunting and prevent attacks against women as per the committee

Facts and Stats

- As per the UN Population Fund, more than 75% of married women in India aged 15 to 49 have either been physically abused or forced to have sex

- In 2011, International Men and Gender Equality Survey disclosed one in give had forced wives/partners to have sex
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