Paramedic career objective and career summary

Career Objective and Career Summary for Paramedic

To secure a paramedic position at XYZ hospital. Looking forward to deliver a good performance with existing skills and knowledge in the medical field.


• An associate in Advanced Paramedics from Ahmedabad University with over 3 years of experience as a Paramedics specialist in ABC Hospital, Delhi
• Robust ability to perform technical medical skills with a degree of precision
• Able to understand with medical needs of victims of injuries as well as maintain a professional approach to caring for injured persons.
• Open to learning new medical skills as well as techniques in pre-hospital care.
• Maintained effective working relationships with other employees as well as hospital personnel along with the general public.
• Provided efficient Advanced Life Support to the injured utilizing all advanced techniques.
• Good understanding of patients condition and ability to calm them down.
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  • Paramedic career objective and career summary -Lavanya N (06/11/14)
  • Career Objective

    Looking forward for challenging roles in the field of paramedical science and provide advance levels of care in all types of emergencies and trauma.

    Career Summary:

    - A B.Sc Microbiology graduate with X years of experience in offering ambulance and pre-hospital care.
    - Strong in assessing the patient condition at the time of emergency and airway management to ensure proper levels of oxygen to the patient.
    - Good at monitoring the pulse and ECG in case of cardiac arrest and providing the advanced life support.
    - Studying the wound, control of bleeding, application of pressure in case of accidents.
    - Participated in various workshops on medical emergencies conducted by Universities and colleges.
    - Proved to have worked under high pressure while providing utmost care on all the critical ailments of the patients.