Peace in Manipur: Critical Issues

Peace in Manipur: Critical Issues

Question : Peace remains elusive in Manipur following demands for Inner Line Permit system in the state. Discuss the issues involved.

- Firstly the question of whether the government should implement the 6th Schedule in hill areas so that Kukis and Nagas would enjoy autonomy while remaining within Manipur

- A series of protests have proposed the ILP bill should be introduced in the State Assembly

- In case the bill is passed and enacted into law, a special pass or permit for entering the state will be needed

The system is in force in other NE states namely

- Nagaland

- Mizoram

- Arunachal Pradesh

- British colonial government has launched a system to protect commercial interests in oil and tea

- ILP remained in force up to 1950

- Manipur which attained statehood in 1972 is not officially a tribal state causing challenges for implementation of ILP system

- Majority Meitei community may make the demand an inclusive one

- Three major communities reside in Manipur namely Meitei, Kuki and Naga

- The ILP system has been demanded by Meiteis

- Kuki population is wary of the ILP campaign

- Meitei community members have called Kukis foreigners though the are indigenous to Manipur

- Many of the Kuki community therefore do not support toe Meiteis demand for tribal status or ILP

- If the Sixth Schedule is implemented in hill areas, greater autonomy would be enjoyed by the other two communities-Kuki and Naga

Facts and Stats

- On August 3rd 2015, NSCN(IM) and GoI signed a peace accord

- There are concerns that Naga dominated areas of Manipur could be integrated with Nagaland

- Indian government can also consider redrawing state boundaries
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