People who commit suicide are weak and selfish.

People who commit suicide are weak and selfish.

Often when people commit suicide, people keep on criticizing the person. They call the person as a coward who ran away from his life. Life has its ups and downs, and some people for some or other reason commit suicide. These people get new names after their death like timid, coward, and also selfish people who committed the act without thinking of the people behind. Do you agree with the statement? Are people who commit suicide are weak and selfish?


• People who commit suicide loose their emotional intelligence and gets emotionally weak, and hence take the wrong step.

• There are many people who are handicap or have got some physical problem. They commit suicide because they are physically weak.

• In the life itself, people walk on self-suicidal path as they take drugs, they accept the defeats against their self-suicidal habits.

• In life, one important thing that everyone needs is money. When people are unable to earn money for livelihood they find it better to end their life. This is again their weakness.

• Leaving the family behind without even thinking about them and ending own miseries are certainly a selfish act.


• Talking of the brain, the human brain don’t allow a person to commit suicide, but if anyone can beat that instinct and ends the life, certainly the person is not weak.

• The people who commit suicide are not weak; they just lacked the required support from their family and friends and took the step.

• Think about just making one cut on the body and you will feel scared but the people who opt for suicide end their life. How can they be weak as it takes courage to die?

• All the people on this earth have got their own limit of tolerance and endurance to fight with the miseries, so when they have tried everything, they commit suicide. They fight till end, and fighters are not weak.

• The people who commit suicide cannot be called selfish as they took the wrong step because the people in their life acted selfish and didn’t provide support at the crucial time.


Human birth is a precious gift given by the God and it cannot be ended like this. In the world, there are equal shares of joys and sorrows. There are times when it will seem that it is better to end the life but then think of the other people who have got more problems than you. At that time, you will feel how many good things are you bestowed with in this life.
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  • RE: People who commit suicide are weak and selfish. -Aneesha (08/31/17)
  • Those who commit suicide are not the ones who possess an innate thought of committing suicide in their future lives.Each one of us at some point of the time has eaten the sweet fruit of life and cherished it immensely. Never it happens that someone is born with an ill fate and no good happens with him absolutely.Each one feels the agony of sombre life as equally as each one feels the commemoration of this solemn life. Having said that self annihilation is an act of being selfish is utter nonsense.Its just that these people find it extremely hard to accept a situation ,they are unable to find a solution by themselves and are deprived of mental and emotional support in their life. Being lonely and not being loved is the biggest poverty of anybody`s life and when a person comes to this stage of poverty,even money doesnt matter.Probably they have remained strong enough for so long that accepting even a tiny new bit is impossible for them now.So people, respect them for their decision,everything happens for a reason,everyone wants to live a carefree happy life and only a very strong reason drag people to this act of being suicidal.You never know how are you gonna react to the same situation when it happens to you! analyzing an situation and making stupid remarks and experiencing the same situation by yourself are two very different things.
    Change your mind,change the world!
  • RE: People who commit suicide are weak and selfish. -S (11/20/15)
  • The title of this unintelligent piece tells me that you're more than likely a judgmental god-botherer devoid of understanding for whom compassion is just an alien word.

    Those who condemn suicide victims are themselves the selfish ones, terrified of their own mortality.

    Suicide takes courage. And not a little altruism. Far more than the author of this rubbish could ever hope to possess.
  • RE: People who commit suicide are weak and selfish. -Naresh (09/08/14)
  • Most of the people commit suicide as they cannot control their emotions came out of problems they faced. Often suicides happen when a person is deprived of his basic needs. A proper support at required times and a good counselling may help them revive their life. They are not weak people but emotionally weak people. We cant say that they are selfish. In most of the cases people commit suicide to lessen the burden to their family(usually handicapped people). We should help him in their times of bad. We should give them the helping hand.
  • RE: People who commit suicide are weak and selfish. -Bloodfeaster A1€X@Nd3r (09/06/14)
  • I find them selfish and weak. They don't Understand how Important life is. God gave it to everyone. BTW Jigsaw from the movie saw Started to torture people because they didnt understand that life is Important. Let that movie give you a lesson.
  • RE: People who commit suicide are weak and selfish. -Sudeesh Varma (07/18/14)
  • According to my pathe we dont have rights to take our life.Life is a golden gift which is given to the human by god.If god decides our birth he will decide our death.We dont have rights to end before that.Life is fully mixed with Happynes and sorrow.A life only with Happynes is not ah real life every one will be having ah problem but we should try to solve the problem.Ending the life is not a correct way to solve the problem.Afterdeath you think that problem is solved but our parents and family members miss us ah lot only pain will cum problem will not be solved.
    it is not ah correct way to solve problem doing sucide.We should take the failure as ah lesson and we sholud fight for sucess and face the problem Bravely.So sucide is ah wrong way..
  • RE: People who commit suicide are weak and selfish. -mounika.R (07/17/14)
  • hai everyone, let me ask onething when we come to this world with what qualities, what talents we are born with. we had learnt everything in this world. then when a problem has come why should we fear. can,t we face the ,we can,t.because if a person gets a problem then inspite of encouraging we will discourage them. we will magnify the problem.then how can a person manages to solve the problem. without water how can a well fills.god has created us to help each other. now in this world if a person is physically handicapped we will seethem like an insect. we won't mingle with them. if a person suffers from diseases like aids we won,t consider him as a person. then what will they do. a person loves a lot to live in this life. but he commites suicide because of us. they are not cowards but we made them. i want to conclude that a runner who fails in a competition is not a failure. he has not provided with the sufficient stuff. likewise a person who commits suicide is not a coward he has not the sufficient dare to face the society. so we citizens have to support them. then INDIA WILL BE TERMED AS NO SUICIDE COUNTRY.
  • RE: People who commit suicide are weak and selfish. -Ashish Sharma (07/14/14)
  • As per my perspective way of thinking ,their are two kind of persons who tried to commit suicide attempts.1)- those who can't apologies and 2)- those who are webbed by the other this can be easily, understood by some case like the one who get raped , can't face the people due to their un- satisfied rewards and make a decision to commit suicide. World make them into such a situation where there is no way out . All are responsible for one selfish life.
  • RE: People who commit suicide are weak and selfish. -Deepa Kaushik (07/11/14)
  • To a good extent, yes, people who commit suicide are weak and selfish. It requires great courage to survive in this bad and evil world than to die. Living circumstance is not the same for everyone, and every human is different in existence and reaction to a given situation. With such a diversity in life, it is difficult to compare and evaluate any person and his situation.

    The life is much more difficult to lead on rather than death. Committing suicide is an act performed in a fit or rage which provides immense energy to bear the pain of death. The pain of death is for few seconds, but the pain of life has no end. If one problem ceases, the other rises and this goes on. People require great courage to fight the life situations, lingering with it till their natural death.

    Also the suicidal tendency shows the selfish attitude. The one who commits suicide can get rid of the trouble at a go bearing just few minutes of pain. But he leaves behind his loved ones who dies every second with his thought and affection in mind and heart. The selfishness overpowers the healthy intellect and provide them the fit to commit suicide. Thus, it is very much correct in calling the people weak and selfish who commit suicide.