Performance enhancing drugs should be legalized in sports - Group Discussion

Sports are based around the fact of fair competition. We often hear people say “Be a sport”, or “Sportsman spirit” etc. We use this when we expect people to judge fairly, accept challenges as they come and not react to criticism negatively.


- Performance enhancing Drugs work and boost the athlete.

- There are some athletes who have a passion to play but cannot pursue because of some physical constraints. Such performance enhancing drugs could work in their favor.

- It’s the choice of the athlete. Performance enhancing drugs are only for the athlete. It is not going to impact anybody else.


- Performance enhancing Drugs could have an impact on the body if left or the sportsman quits sport.

- Any sport is expected to be fair and based on your natural talent and training.

- There are athletes that can’t consume performance enhancing drugs. This makes their chance of winning, bleak.

- A sport is usually considered as a passion. The essence of the sport is lost if performance enhancing drugs are legalizes

- Be legalizing such performance enhancing drugs, athletes could be motivated and get addicted to other forms of drugs.

- The athletes can take it for granted that these drugs will enhance their performance and thus, the hard work that could be put otherwise can be hampered.

We often relate the word drug to “addiction”. We also know that any form of addiction is not good physically or mentally. Performance enhancing drugs ideally shouldn’t be legalized however, they could be controlled. These drugs could be considered effective per athlete and situation.
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  • RE: Performance enhancing drugs should be legalized in sports - Group Discussion -Shubham (01/29/16)
  • well according to me it should not be legalized in sports. There are many reasons for this:
    1. health problems:taking performance enhancing drugs in the long run can cause major health problems in the long run. taking drugs is not preferable.
    2. addiction: It can cause addiction to a person.
    3. not a fair game:If it is legalized in sports then there will not be a fair play.As it will give an edge to a person over a result people will start losing interest in the game.
  • RE: Performance enhancing drugs should be legalized in sports - Group Discussion -Rishika Jalan (04/22/14)
  • I completely disagree with the statement of legalizing performance enhancing drugs in sports. A sport is an activity which is parallel to “fair” and “just”. It is about athletes playing to the best of their ability and if performance enhancing drugs are made legal in this field then there would be no fair competition left. This would just mean who takes in the best drug and performs the best with it. The natural talent will be no more valued which is the main essence of sports. In addition to this drugs are not recommended for health purposes. It makes the body weak after a certain time and leads to addiction in most of the cases. For the sportsman’s health, taking drugs is not at all advisable. Gradually he might also start taking drugs for other activities which would harm his body greatly. Moreover, knowing that the drug intake will automatically boost up the performance, the athletes will stop working hard and the entire essence of sports and passion will be lost. Thus, performance enhancing drugs in sports should not be legalized under any circumstances.
  • RE: Performance enhancing drugs should be legalized in sports - Group Discussion -Rajani Sharma (01/15/14)
  • For:
    • Performance enhancing drugs should be legalized in sports, as today it is very important for athletes to be at the peak of fitness, to beat records, to improve their performances and to recover from the injury, for which they need enhanced physiology.

    • If a drug helps the athlete to recover faster from injury or training then it should not be banned. Today we can easily get many evidences of doping in almost every sport. According to recent evidence from Germany, doping is considered life in football.

    • After Ben Johnson, only 10 men have made it in less than 9.8 seconds in running and only two are currently untainted by doping, which proves that zero tolerance ban on doping has failed.

    • Performance enhancing drugs should be legalised and in order to improve safety in the same, each substance should be assessed on an individual basis and then a fair and safe physiological limits should be enforced.

    • Performance enhancing drugs should not be legalized in sports. As these drugs give an added advantage to a person over everyone else, this is cheating with others.

    • Legalizing the drugs will encourage children to imitate their heroes who take drugs under medical supervision.

    • By legalizing performance enhancing drugs those athletes would also be pushed out who wanted to live a healthy existence.

    • More companies will be competing to develop the most powerful drugs, and athletic opponents would be in the competition of ever escalating doses to stay ahead of each other.

    • In every sport, competition should be fair and all participants should play from a level field. Legalizing the use of performance enhancing drugs would change the nature of sports forever. Athletes would forget the main values of sports and would have only one goal of winning. Coaches, instead of focusing on important aspects of sports, would begin to focus on finding better substances for their athletes.

    • It is also dangerous to the nature of the sports, and the ethical standards of today’s society and it should never be legalized.

    • Doping is too dangerous for the health of athletes. There are many evidences where athletes have died due to over dosage of such drugs.
  • RE: Performance enhancing drugs should be legalized in sports - Group Discussion -karan (09/04/13)
  • excessive play and expectation to perform always better have forced players to route towards this of consuming drugs, hence prevention is better than cure, and game should be played in right spirit