Personal aspects I should work upon to be a successful electrical engineer

I am an aspirant electrical engineer, and want to know what personal aspects I should work upon to be a successful electrical engineer.

As an electrical engineer, you would need to have a sharp, analytical and practical mind. You should pay special attention to details as it is very vital in this particular field. You should be able to grasp and adapt to new and changing concepts. Good communication skills are also important to communicate your ideas to others in this field. You should be good at organizing and solving problems. You may need to work under pressure and should have the ability to keep calm during crisis. Along with various other personal attributes you must also have dedication and commitment towards the profession.

A successful electrical engineer possesses not only an understanding of his area of concentration, but also a broad grasp of engineering in general. An electrical engineer is expected to have detailed knowledge of electrical networks, electrical energy converters and equipments that uses electromagnetic field theory, electrical energy distribution systems etc.
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